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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by mpirak, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. mpirak

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    I don't have a lathe to turn my own handles, so must buy preformed handles
    The only switch rod handle that I have found has a weird bump on the upper handle, which I don't want. Any suggestions on where to find handles for switch rods?
  2. Mike Monsos

    Mike Monsos AKA flyman219

    You really don't have to have a lathe to turn a cork grip. You could mount the preformed grip on a 1/4" all thread rod or glue it to a 1/4" round rod and mount that in a drill press or a drill clampted to a table. On the free end make a block with a 1/4" hole to act as a stabilizer and clamp it to the table or drill press base. Cork turns down quite easily with 150 grit sandpaper mounted on a flat stick. Heck you could most likely do it free hand with the drill between your legs wrapping the sandpaper around the hump in one hand. Kinda like.... well you get the idea:rofl:

  3. socallies23

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    You can really get creative by slicing cork grips that are pre made and adding you own little accents if you have a dream reamer system. you can turn the handle in between your legs watch out though I did that the first time then just built a mount kinda like stated above for my corded 30 dollar wal mart drill. look at anglers workshop to get the idea I've even done some wood handles that way to . it just takes a little engineering but is really worth it. In the long run you'll really want to not have tht bump there built a few swuitch rods and did not like the bump. The also do make a very plain straight grip for longer bait chucker set ups just a thought.
  4. Loren Jensen

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    i'm building a spey rod right now and ordered that grip. i love the grip but am worried about that bump. everyone so far says they don't like it. would it be easy to sand it off? sorry for the thread jack
  5. Matthew LeBret

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    >Cork clamp< $11.00
    (2) 14inch long 1/4 inch all thread $2.19each,
    (1) 14inch long metal rod $1.79,
    (2) scrap pieces of 6 to 10 inch 2x4 that everyone has laying around *Free*,
    (4) 1/4 inch wing nuts .80 for 4,
    (8) 1/4 inch washers $ 1.00,
    Tite bond III $3.00-5.00 to glue the cork
    Drill 3 holes in each board and make sure they are the same on both and use the center hole for the metal rod for the cork. To turn the cork all I use is left over 2x4 that I measured Two of the same size for the walls and a bottem piece is a few inches shorter then the metal rod to accommodate for the drill chuck. Turn on the drill and sand that sum B*tch. Works for me. You are able to make the grip any way or color you want.:thumb:
  6. mpirak

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    Thanks for the ideas.
  7. Mike Monsos

    Mike Monsos AKA flyman219

    Don't forget the cork rings if you are making your own grip. They do get expensive when you start to line them up, from about $1-$3 per 1/2" of (cork rings are 1/2" X 1 1/4") grip. 12" grip = $24-$75 depending on what grade of cork you choose and who you are buying it from.
  8. ak_powder_monkey

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    I really like the bump on the batson handle because its easier to pinch the line down when fishing with gloves on (like when the air temp is -10F)