Switch rod blanks from Batson

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Bob Jones, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    Thanks to all for the information and comments they're a big help, enjoy your new rods to the utmost!!
  2. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    I fished my new 5 weight last week at Lenice. I used it as my chironomid rod. It worked wonderfully, and it is a fun rod to land the fish on. It casts the indicator and long leader with little effort.

  3. evertrees New Member

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    I used my 7 wt chironomiding also love it. the fighting butt lower grip saves the wrist when realing in the hogs. I think i will build a 5 wt next for lakes. Relay you absolutly can not have too many fly rods!!!!
  4. NIrodneck Member

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    Did you people who built the rods use Batson's guide placement or did you come up with your own through static testing of the blank?
  5. evertrees New Member

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    I came up with mine by looking at what other manufactures did and measured and split the differences
    here is mine
    Guide order from the tip top Guide Placement - In inches from the tip top

    1st XTCSNGP3 4.5"
    2nd XTCSNGP3 9.75"
    3rd XTCSNGP3 15.5"
    4th XTCSNGP3 22.75"
    5th XTCSNGP4 30.75"
    6th XTCSNGP4 39"
    7th XTCSNGP4 48"
    8th XTCSNGP4 57.5"
    9th XTCLXNZG5 67"
    10th XTCLXNZG12 78"
    11th XTCLXNZG16 94.25
  6. Chris Reagan Member

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    Did anyone else ream out that fore grip by hand? What a ball buster that was! I built the 108-7. I use it on the beach and in the river. Normally, I two hand cast, but I can single hand a 330 grain scandi really well. Also running a 370 grain skagit, that one I can spey cast alright. I'm looking forward to trying it on a lake. It's my first build. Thanks to Ron at All About The Fly for supplies and know-how.
  7. jpooh New Member

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    always use my own spacing by loading the rod and static tests. There's nothing wrong with suggested layouts though, if it were such a bad thing, there would be no high end factory rods. because it would be crazy expensive to find guid spacing for each rod individually and who would spend $1000 on a rod that's not well made? It's a nice thing to find a blank's own flex characteristics, and that's something you can only do at the custom level of rod building