switch rod builder needed

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by synister370, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. looking for someone to build me a nice switch rod.......

    like the one the guy built ohioman spey rod for cheep but i dont need one that long

    say 6 wt 10 foot? i lik ethe blanks he used..why they seem afforable and good..said he built his for like 120 bucks...

    me i just started fly fishing and im hooled..i just caught my fist steelhead on a fly rod and a fly i tied my self...

    i saved up enough for a good reel and line i just have a shitty rod actually broke it on the 4th fish i caught cabelas gave me a new one but im still stuck with a crappy rod..

    id like two handed switch style i really like the wood handels...

    like this


    anyone help me out

    contact me by email


    or by pm

  2. i think ohio outdoorsman is gonna help me out!

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