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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Matthew Joyce, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Matthew Joyce Member

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    Does a switch rod use a double wells handle with the lower grip or is the grip more like a spey rod?
  2. Derek Day Rockyday

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    It is what ever you like. I built a switch rod with a full well I lathed to be about an inch longer than standard. I'll post a pic sometime soon. Also, Meiser rods is a good resource, there are some pics of his switch rods.

  3. Kevin Giusti New Member

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    I have two switch rods. One is a Beulah 7/8 the other a Meiser 8/9. The beulahs upper grip is 11 inches long the lower about 3 and 3/4. The Meisers upper is 10 and the lower is extra long for a switch its about 5.5 inches long. As far as shape I remember reading a thread possibly on this forum and the topic was thickness of spey handles and someone mentioned that having the upper part of a spey grip to thick may effect the flex of blank if you really work the rod all the way to the butt. If you look at meisers grips the upper 1/3 or so tend to gently taper down to smaller diameter. Check out the pics on his website. Not sure how much this holds true maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in but it kinda makes sense to me if you think about it. Ive built a few spey rods since then and I always try to get that type of look to my grips. I think for your switch you may want to have a little extra length than a standard full wells in the upper grip, just my opinion. Most important is its your rod so make it to your preferences as far as looks and especially feel, if your using it all day you want to be comfortable. Have fun and hope this helps. Kevin