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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Josh P, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. I recently bought an Echo3 #7 switch and I am very happy with it!
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  2. Good call Josh.

    Just my .02 cents, but once you hit 12 feet your into a full on 2hander.

    As to your question of a switch line on a single hander the answer is 'probably.' The grain range for single handers is well below that of a 'comparable number' for a 2hander designed rod.
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  3. First off, let me say I have a problem with "switch" rods. What I mean by that is, people get these baby spey rods, expecting them to perform like a real spey rod. Yeah, I know, Ed Ward can throw a big heavy four inch long intruder 80 feet with a switch rod. But that doesn't mean the average Joe can. And if you are asking, you are not even up to average. If you want a 7 wt spey rod, do yourself a favor and get something in the 13ft range.

    Everyone thinks faster is better these days. Faster demands more precise timing. Which is to say not as forgiving. Keep an open mind about rod actions. What works well for one guy may not work at all for you. Go somewhere and cast as many rods as you can. All properly lined (and that is a whole other subject) for skagit, scandi, or whatever. And ask a lot of questions about that. Starting with what kind (how big & how heavy) of flies can I expect to cast with this rig? And sink tips? Go back next week and cast all of these rods again. Maybe with different line systems.

    My definition of a really good rod is one that performs equally well setup for skagit, scandi, or a long belly. By the time you get a fully rigged system you could be out $1000. Get it right the first time. Or at least as close to right as you can.
  4. You should try and find a Redington CPX 7wt Switch. They were just recently discontinued to make room for the Prospector. This rod is seriously over looked! You can find them on ebay now for about $269 on clearance. If you a patient you can find them for around 2 bills.. Speak to anyone who owns one and I'm sure they will tell you they would never give that rod up..
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  5. I already have a 13' 6" 7/8 spey set up for big kid fishing in Washington. Way overkill for the Trinity and their 24" steelhead. I like fishing 2 handers so yes I want a "baby spey rod".
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  6. Hey Josh, just a quick note for you to think about. From a rod builder standpoint, and i know a lot of folks will disagree, so be it. Talk to a local builder and get some input on the Batson switch blanks. I have built two so far for folks out there, ( I`m in Va.) and they love them. One was a 6 and the other was an 8 wt. Plenty of ass for just about anything reasonable. These blanks will cast with just about anything out there for about half the money. I know all the selling points, all the arguments, i`ve heard just about all the stuff you gonna hear about rods, been doing this for 20 years. Don`t listen to the band, go see for yourself. I wish i were out there, i would let you cast my Winston, then cast the Batson. Then you would understand. Heck, take a day trip to Sequim, go see for yourself. Let me know if i can help.
  7. I agree the Batson's are very nice.
    Beulah Platinum 7 weight is sensational. I much prefer it over the Tcx
  8. Ha.... I like your comment! Tim :)
    if fish for "feel" is the the goal. Echo Decho is really hard to beat in the graphite world... but then, there are fiberglass and bomboo on the other league... ;)

  9. Shhhhhh

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