switchrod forsale.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bankwalker, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. bankwalker

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  2. bankwalker

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    ill trade the switchrod for a new/ish salmon rod.

    im looking for a few different rods.

    lamiglas certified pro 8'9" 10-20
    lamiglas xmg50 8'9" 10-20
    lamiglas xmg50 9'6" OR 10' 8-15

    the lamiglas rods come with or without graphite handles. ill take either handle setup. it doesnt matter to me.

    gloomis gl2 10-20
    gloomis gl2 10-20
    gloomis gl3 6-12
    st croix 9'6" 8-17

    ill also look at custom rods, in and around the specs of the other rods i have listed.

    thanks alot.
  3. bankwalker

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    seriously noone is interested in picking up a switchrod setup for $350...the reel and line alone were almost $200...and the rod was $300...
  4. bankwalker

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    4TH of july weekend special. $300 firm

    this price will only last till the 6th.

    i really need to get a new salmon rod people. help me out. and get yourself a extremely good deal on a awesome rod.
  5. I'm not familiar with switchrods, you list it as a 6wt yet have an 8wt line. Is that for spey style casting? How will it handle 6wts?
    I presume the Rdeington SVIII is a reel?
    I could use this set-up, me thinks, if it'll overhand cast 6wt. Use the 8wt on bigger water/Salmon/steelhead?
  6. bankwalker

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    price dropped...
  7. bankwalker

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    any offers?
  8. rmflyrods

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    Maybe you could try posting an ad on a certain popular spey based web forum (I don't know the rules about mentioning other bulletin boards so I'm being vague). May have better luck there?
  9. bankwalker

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    yeah i should.

    i figure that with all the interest in switch rods on this site that this should have sold a while ago.

    but i was wrong. people just dont know a steal when they see one i guess :thumb:
  10. Merle

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    If I didn't already have this exact same rod (built one up myself this winter) I would be all over this deal.

    I've only fished mine twice so far, but have found it to be an awesome floating line spey rod for summer steelhead. I've been using the 8wt floating Outbound line which seems to me to be almost a perfect match. I think for single handed mode (aka the beach) a 7 wt Outbound would be the ticket.

    Somebody buy this rod before I cave in and pick it up as a spare!

  11. rmflyrods

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    The Rainshadow blanks are nice. I've built a few for others and my only personal switch rod at the moment is a 7wt Rainshadow loaded with an AFS Outbound. I love the rod and even though I've tossed Beulahs and Meisers, this is the one I fish every week.

    It's a good price. I'm surprised that someone hasn't moved on it.
  12. bankwalker

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    hmm really? to me the rod feels underlined with an 8wt outbound. but i havent really figured out how much line to have out to properly load up the rod.
  13. bankwalker

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    ok people. this is the lowest im gonna go. and FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!!!!!!! my gear is flawless and never ever abused. this is beyond a steal of a deal. the rod alone cost me this much, so you are getting the reel and line for free.

    $200 for the rod, and $300 for everything. THIS WEEKEND ONLY...

    im not looking to ship at all. i will deliver within reason.

    i need a new salmon rod, and im missing out on the season :p
  14. I Have a lamiglas Esprit series LHS Chinook Special Line wt 12-25 test ( foot/steve Call me 253-691=8852 new rod tag still on
  15. bankwalker

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    line is sold pending pick up tomarrow...

    will sell reel by itself for $75
  16. bankwalker

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    line is gone...

    final price drop is $275 for rod and reel. it will go back up on the rack after this. i got what i was looking for finaly so i have no real need to part with this rod.

    will still sell the reel if someone is interested.
  17. C.Jones

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    Is rod and reel still for sale?
  18. bankwalker

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    working a deal right now as i type...

    but yes its still up for grabs at the moment...
  19. jcnewbie

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    Another dumb querstion? Is rhe rod a 2 piece, 3 or 4 piece and does it include a sock or tube?

    And....is it all (rod/reel) still available?

  20. bankwalker

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    4pc and sale is pending, meeting the person tomarrow in the A.M.