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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by dmoocher, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Just curious if anyone has added the swivel seat plate to their pontoon boat...what do you think?

    Sure would make it easier to get to my cooler on the platform behind the seat as I'm not the most flexible person on earth.
  2. Yes and no. I have them, and do use them. But if I'm doing any whitewatering, the swivel seats are left at home (or pulled off the bench before the run). I do use them though.
  3. ive been looking into getting one. havent yet, but i am planning on it soon.
  4. had one for years and I like it. it does make it easier to get stuff from the back of the toon. my daughter who goes about 110 lbs hated it and it. had to put in the lock pin as it swiveled too easily for her. at 235 i guess it's just right for me though. might want to keep that in mind and get one with a locking pin. mine came from gi joes.
  5. Like Jerry said. Not a great idea if you're doing serious whitewater but quite nice in all other situations.
  6. I have them and think they're worth it.
  7. does anyone have a link where to get one?
  8. you can go to any sporting goods or boating store and get one. The retrofit is just a simple ball-bering type swivel sandwiched between two plates. Cost ya about 10 bucks
  9. still water, why not! moving water, really bad idea!
  10. Thanks guys...got it...I always thought it was worth getting one for the lakes...off to sportsman's warehouse!
  11. I put one on my pontoon boat for a trip on a lake and didn't like it at all. I also thought it would make it more convenient to be able to reach my ice chest and anchor rope on the back of my boat> What I discovered however, was that it worked fine if I kicked slowly while trolling a fly, but when I kicked my boat a little harder to reposition myself in a nearby areas, my seat swiveled so much that I couldn't track a straight line without having to use my hands to hold my self steady. I eventually removed it from my pontoon boat and now only use it in my pram.
  12. troutjunkie, you just need to get fatter ;) look for a seat with a locking pin underneath so you can make it swivel or not.

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