T minus 1 month until the 2 Fly event

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  1. Just wanted to update that we are under the 1 month mark until the 2nd annual NW PHWFF 2 Fly event. Make sure to reconfirm if you will be there, what you're status being there is (volunteer and said duties or soldier/vet fishing) and what days you'll be staying/eating. :)

    Thanks, with help from all of you, this event has really taken off and will soar to great heights this year. :) :thumb:
  2. Will be there from friday until sunday morning, camp bitch duties, can shuttle if needed, can fish if needed.

    I am a 3 tour combat vet so can just sit around and bullshit with the guys also if you need someone to take them off your hands while you work.

  3. Jerry,
    I will arrive Friday afternoon with my drift boat.
    Will carry a solder/vet combination like last year on Saturday, or what ever else you might need. Will be there Saturday night for the festivities.
    Current thinking is to float again on Sunday then return to the west side.
  4. I'm doing what Jim is doing. If my boat is not needed for a soldier/vet combo because we have enough real boat masters in the mix I'll bring a smaller boat, take photos, help around camp or whatever else you might need. I'll be there after work Friday through the evening on Sunday. Maybe I'll row Jim on Sunday so he can fish for a change. Ed
  5. We will need your boats for sure. So be prepared to row. :) We will have around 18-20 teams (we set 20 as our maximum for the event). But I'll take care of all you rowers afterwards. You'll be WELL fed. :)
  6. Jirry

    I plan on being there all weekend and ready to help out where needed. I will alson we on the sticks of my drift boat. Its going to be another epic weekend!!!

    Jim Allen
  7. One week and counting!

    Yes, it'll be epic! We should be feeding you all, and about to get the first boats in the water at this time next week. Can't wait. :)
  8. Jerry

    Was wondering what time on Friday you plan on arriving? I am off that day so if you need any leg work done in Ellensburg please dont be shy about asking.

    I was reading my last post (via my iphone) and had to laugh after seeing what that *&%$$#* auto correct did to my post. :beathead:

    I am looking forward to this weekend and meeting some of our fine vets. The drift boat is ready to go and the river is looking excellent. The awsome folks at Troutwater Fly shop are reporting excellent fishing. I plan on talking with them for the inside scoop on flies.:thumb:

    Jim Allen
  9. Jim we (Chuck and my crew) will be there Thursday night. So anytime Friday is good. See you there. :)
  10. Thursday night eh...
  11. Well ain't gonna be much going on Thursday. Just put up our sleep tents so we can get a bright start on Friday.
  12. Bzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzz! Up & at 'em, Jerry!!!!! This is the "bright start" you were talking about...right?

    I'm sure there was no "carrying on" there last night so you should be bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning! Ya, Right!:rofl::rofl:
  13. Where's the damned coffee?.........Jerry!!!!
  14. How 'bout some eggs? Yes, thanks, I'd love some. Scrambled, with bacon & cheddar cheese, please.......Jerry!!!!!
  15. Yep....just as I thought. Sleeping in !!!:rofl::rofl:

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