FS Tack Free, Fast Cure, Crystal UV Cure Resin

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  1. Received my order the other day. Finally had a few moments to use it. It does dry tack free very quickly. Neat stuff. I will be using more stick on eyes for some of my SRC flies. Smoothed out the mono I used for making a new loop on my floating line as well. Thanks Silver.
  2. Allowance got approved!! Money sent.. I look forward to using it soon. Again thanks for your patience.
  3. This is a really good product! I used it for SRC flies and also I used it to replace a couple of guides on my rods! So far I can't tell if its as good as flex coat but definitely faster and easier! Have you used your resin to coat thread wraps silver Creek?
  4. I've never used it for coating thread wraps. I'm not sure how durable it would be. It is able to flex a bit without cracking.
  5. PM sent
  6. I do ship to Alaska.
  7. Just got it in a few days ago, thanks for the expedient service! Used it last night and it's the perfect thickness and true to form, tack free! I usually use Hydro and like its more fluid consistency, Silvercreeks is just a bit thicker but not stiff so it flows and coats in a smooth and even manner, much easier to manage.
    Thanks good sir!
  8. Thanks for the great review.
  9. I can't find a PM button, but would like to purchase your UV system also ? My email; ccblume@pondyachts.net

    Thanks, Charlie
  10. To send a PM, click on the poster's name and then on "start a conversation" to send a PM to that person.

    For example, you would click on "silvercreek" on this post and then on "start a conversation" under my name in the pop up window.
  11. do you have any kits with the standard lights avaliable?
  12. This stuff performs as described and Henry's customer service and shipping was excellent! By far the best deal for a better performing product.
    Thanks again for doing other fly tyers a solid service!
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  13. I coated a couple foam bass popper heads with it tonight and it provided a very nice finish. It did make the sharpie colors bleed and run a bit, is this normal? What would you recommend for color that wont bleed?
  14. Just as a heads up to people. The resin does act as a solvent for some inks. Hilighter and sharpies on foam will bleed, with the highlighter being picked up by the brush/resin. Not really a big issue, just wanted to let you guys know. I've raided my GF's fingernail polish to color my popper heads and that works just fine with the resin coating.
  15. Just out in the summer 2014 issue of Flyfishing and Tying Journal is an article on Clear Coating Comparison by Kirk Dietrick on pg 48. He reviews several UV coating including Clear Cure Goo Hydro, Deer Creek Thin, Solarez Thin and my Crystal UV Coat. Only Deer Creek and my Crystal UV Coat cured completely with The Clear Cure Goo Pro Lite.

    All the UV resins and Liquid Fusion caused some bleeding of the marker colors. This could be prevented by pre coating the marker colors with 2 light coatings of Krylon Crystal Clear indoor/outdoor acrylic clear coating before allying the UV resins or Liquid Fusion.
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  16. please send info to zeeva2479@gmail.com thanks please send info again, missed the first reply Thanks
  17. Purchased the high power and UV light kit. Prompt delivery. Used it on several salt patterns. Works as advertised, dries tack free. Great product.
  18. Purchased the basic kit (light + resin). Good communication, fast turnaround (shipped next day), and everything I ordered was in the package (the exact opposite of my experiences with another web based company that used to sell here often...). The package actually arrived a day before the post office estimate.

    I've never been accused of being talented at the vise and was still able to whip out this fly on my first go'round (aka if I can do it anyone can)

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  19. Thanks for the post bigdood. Glad the resin is working for you.

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