FS Tack Free, Fast Cure, Crystal UV Cure Resin

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by silvercreek, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Dave Witchey New Member

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    please send info to zeeva2479@gmail.com thanks please send info again, missed the first reply Thanks
  2. West Fork New Member

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    Purchased the high power and UV light kit. Prompt delivery. Used it on several salt patterns. Works as advertised, dries tack free. Great product.
  3. bigdood fishing hack

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    Purchased the basic kit (light + resin). Good communication, fast turnaround (shipped next day), and everything I ordered was in the package (the exact opposite of my experiences with another web based company that used to sell here often...). The package actually arrived a day before the post office estimate.

    I've never been accused of being talented at the vise and was still able to whip out this fly on my first go'round (aka if I can do it anyone can)

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  4. silvercreek Active Member

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    Thanks for the post bigdood. Glad the resin is working for you.
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  6. silvercreek Active Member

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    I ordered from you a while back and finally found my self tying up flies after signing in off of leave and retunin back to Korea. I love your product it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I use it on very small portions of my flies to covering almost all of it. I may have a dependancey for your resin. I have post my "PIXI MINNOW" on the fly tying section of the forum.

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  8. JayB Active Member

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    Sweet Jesus Almighty! *Finally* a "tack-free" UV cure that actually delivers on what it promises. *Real* squid aren't half as likely to stick together in a maddening clump as any marabou-tie with a resin head made with other "tack-free" cures. This stuff is the real deal. Cures fast and tack free. Hallelujah!
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  10. Kaiserman content

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    Gone from Sept 16th to Aug 4th?!

    That is one loooooong fishing trip. Are you going to come back fo the holidays?
    Business must be good to be able to be on vacation for that long. :p

    I'm going to pull the trigger on this, but will do so after my trip to MT.
  11. silvercreek Active Member

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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  13. silvercreek Active Member

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