Tacoma Narrows fishing report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by bombtek79, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Just a quick report from my outing today. Took the family down to the Narrows State Park. Fished for about and an hour and a half. Caught 4 silvers and one SRC. The only downside is that I dropped my knot tool in the water and couldn't get it back. All in all a great day of fishing. Going back tomorrow.
  2. Sweet! Nice work. What part of the tide did you fish? What size were the coho? What did they take? Jeff
  3. I fished to incoming tide just after slack tide. The Coho's were anywhere from 12" to 21". I was using a green and white sand lance pattern on a dead drift then a slow retrieve.
  4. nice work!
  5. Solid! I'll probably be down there tomorrow myself.
  6. Good work and good report NIce
  7. Hey guys, we're doing a survey on resident coho to find out which stocking programs are working best. It would be very helpful if you checked each fish for ventral fin clips before you let them go. Or took one home.

    With the wide range in sizes you saw, we'd like to know which hatchery they came from. Just post " Feb 21, 3 fish 12" left ventral clipped, 21" fish adipose only, Narrows bridge." Even this amount of data will help improve the information the state gets back for it's late release program.

    Anil at Puget Sound Fly, and Blake at Gig Harbor can help fill you in what is being done.
  8. it would be more helpful if you post the GPS coordinates of where you caught them as well
  9. We're only looking for general areas. Specific locations should ONLY be sent to me by PM.
  10. nice report, I may head down to the park in the next few days as well.

  11. Please include me on the PM of these locations too. I'm doing a scientific survey of the differences in taste between adipose clipped and left ventral clipped silvers (all winter and spring).
  12. Kelvin
    You are shamless.
  13. Sure I will. Got a unit i can use?? :)
  14. Not being stupid, but how many fins can they clip before they start swimming in circles.:rofl: Do they clip the whole fin or just a piece of it. I have never looked at a fish that close. I just let them go ASAP without touching them.
  15. Don you are a great guy up to great stuff and full of good infromation
    but you are crapping my style here

    thanks for caring so much about our resources and actually doing something about it

    hats off to you!
  16. Alas! Who'd have guessed in the sixties that I'd grow up to be Captain Buzzkill?

    We had hoped to do an informal "fish in" this Saturday to get a snap shot of where the released Coho have ended up this winter but weather may be a bigger bummer than YT.

    Here's the scoop from Larry P:

    Just want to finalize this weekend’s data collection plans. These data will be used to estimate relative contributions by hatchery coho to winter sport fishing. The delayed release (late June early July) portion of the South Sound releases were ventral fin clipped (BY 08). Approximately 78k left ventral fin clipped delayed coho were released from SS net pens and 125k right ventral fin clipped fish were released from Minter Creek in 2010. The objective is to estimate the relative contribution to the fishery from these releases. Rearing these fish is expensive and difficult from a culture stand point but may be defensible if they provide relatively good returns.

    The definition of a right or left ventral fin is similar to your right or left leg. To determine what fin is clipped, hold the fish belly down with its head away from you. Some of the ventral fin clips were poor and may not be complete. You may only see some missing rays, so do your best. If some are missing call it missing. Please take the fork length of the fish (tip of the snout to the fork in the tail…..because spawning ct often have tail erosion).

    It’s important to remember that I am simply asking to participate in YOUR club event. I wish to collect samples from the fish YOU caught. I toyed with providing data sheets but I think it’s best to have each angler keep track of his/her own data and send me an electric copy. Information I need is as follows:

    Location fished (General; example is south end of Totten Inlet)
    Number of anglers
    Time began fishing
    Time ended fishing
    Number of fish landed (by species……example; 2 coho, 1 chinook, 5 cutthroat, one starry flounder)

    Number Species length (fork Length mm) Adipose clipped (yes/no) Ventral fin clipped (LV, RV, or NONE) Comments
    1 Coho 254 Yes LV Retained

    My hope is that we can develop this into an annual event. I am planning to collect scales from CT but don’t think anglers should attempt this. Rich is planning to be in the Tacoma area to assist anglers and I will be in SS. I will be in attendance on Friday but please hand out my number to anyone wanting to participate who can’t make it. Thanks in advance. LP

    Larry Phillips
    District Fish Biologist
  17. In this circumstance, they attempted to clip the whole fin. In the case of coho, clipping a ventral fin doesn't really have any affect on them.
  18. Anybody who had planned to help with the Coho survey this weekend, thanks, but we've been iced out. I'll post an alternative date when we can feel our fingers again.
  19. I will be out there on Sunday for the tide rip

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