Tacoma Narrows (Gig Harbor side)

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tom Johnston, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. So I was fishing there yesterday and right at the turn of low tide and the first two hours after the SRC's are real active. I threw everything I had even some river flies. Could not catch a thing. Never seen them so active except this time of the tide. Talked to a older gentleman and he told me to throw nothing but pink and white flies. I even threw that. What kind of fly should I throw when I get into this situation?
  2. It's heresy but at the narrows casting long to deeper water and letting your fly swing in to shore is more important to me than what I throw. A 1.5 to 2 inch chartreuse clouser cast really long. Multiple fish seem to really follow a long way before striking. Almost like they aren't interested in feeding in the deeper water they are hanging out in but then they hit it when it gets right along shore. But casting right along shore only gets you those 6 to 8 inch salmon. Draw them in, and then they'll bite. That's my experience there with decent sized SRC.
  3. Cool thanks, I was getting pretty frustrated yesterday. I was trying all types of tech. and none of them were working. Jumping all around me it was crazy.
  4. Are you sure they were searuns? If you are talking about Doc's, it isn't know as a top searun spot compared to other south sound locations.
    You mention lots of jumping fish, could they have been coho rather then src's?
  5. You may want to check out my recent thread. I'm sure the fish you're seeing are feeding on euphausiids.


    I fished north of the bridge yesterday on the afternoon incoming and there were again tons of rising fish (I suspect herring, but I guess I'd have to catch one to truly know) and gulls feeding on euphausiids. I stopped by the narrows park at dusk on my way home and the scene looked similar.

    Euphausiid pic from that first time.
  6. Those are not SRCs but herrings. I caught a couple of 6 inchers on Sunday. Boy, do they stink! They are really active around slack and disapear once the current gets really moving.
  7. I guess it could be a mix of alot of things. Some did look like SRC, came completely out of water. The big ones were probly kings. Some did look like herring. Lots of activity. Hooked a little one that was an SRC. Yeah first two hours of incoming is real active there. What kind of flies do I use to catch the kings?
  8. Thanks for the link.
  9. When beach fishing, water coverage is key (in my opinion). As Phil noted, longer casts increase your chances of hooking up.

    Also, the Narrows isn't really known as top searun spot, so don't get down if it takes a while for a searun to jump on your offerings.
  10. Now I have been looking at new fly rods. Does a higher quality rod help cast further and cause a tighter loop? I bought a Lamaglas to get back into the swing of things, and I dont think it has very good performance.
  11. I have an older lamiglas 8wt, a st. croix 8wt, a 5/6wt that I built and a 5 wt that I built. For each of them I use my stripping basket when fishing the beach and find that I can get more line out using the basket. I'm a hack, if it works for me someone with some talent should get better rewards. I'm sure I get 20' or so more line out with the basket.
  12. Yeah I noticed a basket is where its at. I have about 20 feet floating down the beach.
  13. You can make your own on the cheap. Mine is home engineeered from a kidney shaped laundry basket that had a broken handle. All that line floating away is adding tons of drag through the water, your hands and the guides to get it out. If you want to see a picture of mine or get a recipe of how to send me a PM.
  14. Alright, when I get around to it Mumbles Ill PM ya. Thanks.
  15. Its probley not the rod that is lacking your distance of casting. Ive casted a Cheapy scientific anglers rod from wally world for 20$ and I still could cast a good 90ft. Depending on how much and how long you have been doing it will most likely determine your cast distance.

    Im no expert on saltwater but as for flies I like to keep it simple with baitfish patterns. Clousers, epoxyheads, whatever.....if a fish sees a baitfish presented half right most likely they will eat it. IMO SRC are opportunists meaning they will eat almost anything if its presented to them decently. Good Luck.....

  16. I have been kicking around the idea of taking another set of lessons. Took them 15 years ago when I first started fly fishing. Started back up couple months ago. Sure some techniques have changed a bit. Can only do me some good.
  17. Maybe, if you're already a decent caster. Invest in some private lessons and/or spend some time just practicing. Learn the double haul, I'm almost there with it. My timing is just a bit off and I really have to focus to do it correctly. I want it to be as effortless as possible, so that I can focus on the actual fishing.

    Maybe the line you have doesn't match up to the rod you have. Try other lines and invest in a line that works for that rod and casting style. The last thing I would do is buy a new rod to address your problems, since you'll still need to improve your casting and end up buying a new line or lines to match it anyway. I am assuming that you like the rod that you're using.

    Oh yeah, so how far are you actually casting in real fishing conditions? What kind of fly are you casting? Consider a new leader or a shorter one if your fly is heavily weighted, that will help you turn over the fly better.

    You can find a lot of video on the web just by searching, but in person instruction works best for meand I'm fortunate to know some very good casters that are incredible fishermen as well. A great site to check out for casting is http://www.sexyloops.com.

    Good luck!
  18. I bought a Cabelas brand of line, not too bad its a WF 6#. The rod and reel are a 6# so I think its a good match. I just dont feel much out of the rod, as in loading. If I get a good loop going and its not raining side ways I can throw it possibly 50ft with 7ft of leader. Thats in the salt water. Most of the time its between 40 and 50 ft on average. I noticed I have a heck of a time getting the fly tangled with were the leader meets the floating line. Think I might be trying too hard. What I noticed I try and do is shoot the line out to where I see the big ones splashing. Where around Tacoma is the closest place I can go and get a good private lesson at?
  19. Go and talk to Clark and Anil up at Puget Sound Fly Co (site sponsor) in Kent and they can hook you up or tell you better where to find instruction. Steve Buckner is a guide and great caster south of you too! I have his contact info around somewhere, but he's on the board when he not guiding or fishing. He wrote an article or two in the articles section, and I'm sure is listed in the directory on the board. He's coached me on the double haul and is both a single and double handed casting instructor and a very good guy!


    The FFF (Federation of Flyfisher's) site would have info on who's a certified casting instuctor in your area too.

    I don't know the Cabelas lines at all, but an option for you is to overline your rod with a 7wt line or buy one of the many lines that are weighted a 1/2 weight higher such as the SA GPX, Rio Grand, etc. Don't overline the rod though unless it's a faster action rod, imho. Go to a shop and try lines out on your rod and then buy the line at the shop! Support the local shops whenever you can please!

    If you're having the leader hit the line, yes you are using too much power on your forward stroke. This causes a tailing loop which is why you're getting tangled messes or wind knots in your line. Let the rod do the work and use a bit less power on that forward stroke.

    Good luck! I've got to get down south next month to chase some sea run's. I haven't been down the narrows or Purdy in quite a while now!

  20. Purdy seems to be where its at. Seen people come and go when I have been down there. Got to put in the right amount of time to be rewarded. I have observed a key time in the tide at the spit also(not a pro by any means but have tooken notes on tide). Thanks for the helpful info on instructors in my area. Yeah I noticed I am putting too much power in my forward stroke. Think its because my rod does not have much flex in it, and Im trying to do all the work.

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