Tacoma Narrows (Gig Harbor side)

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tom Johnston, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Oh also I try and buy everthing from local, but local is not so much local anymore. Got a long distance to drive now.
  2. A fast rod can help with distance, but not as much as good technique. As For beach fishing get yourself a Rio outbound or Airflow 40+ line they are great from the beach along with a stripping basket. Go talk to Anil and Clark at Puget Sound fly Co. There in Kent just North of federal Way they will hook you up. They also offer beach fishing classes with Jon Aqui, Well worth the time and $$$
  3. Ok thanks on the brand of lines. I was up at the shop on Sat afternoon, and noticed that they did not have any classes in the near future. Might just have to call and ask.
  4. The Airflo 40+ is easy to cast a LONG way and rocks on the right rod! I haven't fished one yet, but have demoed lots of rods with it... Strip out way more line than you think you'll shoot, but only cast the head of the line. It overheads well on some of the switch rods I've played with too!

    Haven't cast an Outbound line, but I think that what lots of guys use for local salt action. I've only heard good things about them. :thumb:
  5. Well might have to pick up some new line. Thats what I get for being a cheap ass. Should of bought a good quality line.
  6. Let me know Bill and Ill join ya on the beach.
  7. I've got a fast-action 6wt that loads perfectly with a Rio Grand. For salt, I plunked down the money for a Rio Outbound intermediate. What a great line. Once I figured out how to use it, I can shoot line a mile.

    The trick with that line is to make sure you're loading the rod with the head, the whole head and nothing but the head. It's easy to tell because the head is a different color than the running line. (On the intermediate, the head is clear and the running line is green.) The head is 37.5' long. With your last haul, you want about 35' outside the tiptop. If you have any running line outside the rod, you've just blown your load. If you let the head do the work, the running line will fly through the guides behind it. Pretty impressive.

    Another thing, and I don't fully understand why, is that a stripping basket is absolutely required. When fishing freshwater, I just let the line float downstream and the cast picks it up off the water just fine. Not the case with saltwater. Maybe the salt adds surface tension or something, but saltwater grabs your line and won't let go. A stripping basket effectively added 10-15' to all my casts. I made a home-made jobby out of a plastic tub, tie wraps and a bungy cord.
  8. Thanks for the info on the RIO line, gonna have to fork out some money and buy some decent line. Thanks:thumb:
  9. Before you buy either the Airflo 40+ or Rio Outbound, you should cast both. You'll get different opinions on both lines from lots of folks on this board.
    One thing to check out is the running lines. The Rio has a pretty thin running line which can lead to tangles.
    Here is a pretty good thread regarding the issues you might enclounter with these lines.
  10. iagree

    As I mentioned in other posts, I'm a absolute novice in the salt. After my first attempt, I decided I needed a stripping basket and an intermediate-sink shooting-head line. I built the basket at home and figured I'd stop by PSFC on my way to the sound to get the line. Hadn't decided between the Rio and the Airflo and thought the guys at the shop could point me in the right direction.

    Turns out PSFC is closed on Sundays. Went by Sportsman's Warehouse (or whatever the one in Fife is called.) All they had was the Rio. It does get tangled at times, but that seems to be the nature of the beast. Still, all in all, I'm quite happy with my purchase. I've never tried the Airflo, but from what I hear I'm sure it's just as good if not better.
  11. In my opinion, an LMD (line management device) is absolutely required if you want to maximize your casting distance.

    Water, whether salt or fresh, adds surface tension to the line. In the salt, you also contend with moving tide and weed, too; the LMD gets your line out of the water. The minimal impact you're noticing to casting when in freshwater is probably because you're fishing with floating line; salt, you're probably using intermediate. You can figure out the different impacts to your casting.

    To me, if you're trying to maximize your casting efficiency and distance, an LMD is an absolute must when beach fishing.
  12. Water, whether salt or fresh, adds surface tension to the line.

    You are not "Casting a Line". If you were simply casting a shooting head with no running line you wouldn't need a basket and we'd all cry out "look at it go!", of course it would be expensive and you'd never land a fish... But what you are actually doing is you are casting the portion of the line that is outside the rod tip. The rest of the line you are dragging along for the ride. tie a rope to a car and pull it in neutral on concrete. Now tie a rope to a car and pull on a muddy field... Got it?

    If you're using a floating line on still water with no wind, that's one thing and you're mostly fighting surface tension, but most highperformance running line for heads sinks a bit if not completely, and the energy that should be pulling the running line along has to first "Raise the titanic". But throw in current and wind and you not only are dealing with "raising the titanic", Some of the line will be 20 feet downcurrent, and lord knows what crap you're going to pick up on the line to slow down the head. All of this reduces the energy even more, which is needed to drag that running line... Do what you want. But there actually is a right and wrong answer in this case if the question is "will a stripping basket help me cast farther?"
  13. Now that we've thouroghly hijacked Tommy's thread...

    I honestly beleive this has something to do with the salt and the way it affects the density of the surface film. I noticed this the first time I fished a fly in the salt (a couple of months ago.) That day I fished without a basket and used a Rio Grand full floater. What an ordeal.

    I'm not a great caster, but I do OK. Sure there was wind, but I've spent many a windy day on the rivers. Tidal current? I've fished tons of big, fast rivers and never noticed a problem. There were some casts where I'd pick up a little kelp, but that wasn't the main problem.

    In the salt, I'd strip out 60+' of line and double haul the bugger. Line would snap to a halt mid flight as if I'd only stripped out 40'. I'd look down and see a 10' loop up and back drifting off to my side. Wasn't anything I could do to let the water turn that line loose.

    Next time out, I had a stripping basket. Other than some tangling once in a while, problem solved.
  14. It has not been hijacked, I am simply reading and learning from others experiences.

  15. Technically the water is denser so the line will float higher, and typically salt lines have a finer diameter because of that, so all things being equal the opposite of the problem you suggest should occur. Chop, and the current pushing against the belly of the line down current of you? Yes. The belly of line will have to be pulled against the pressure from the current, as it attempting to lift of the water, and any chop just contributes more of a resistance the the line lifting off. But this isn't any different than a river situation where you have enough belly out. We've all had times when we're changing a fly or talking to someone and the downstream belly starts pulling the line back in the guides...
  16. Not sure how the advice given could be construed as a hijack? Tommy had mentioned getting a new line as well as a stripping basket in his previous posts within this thread.
    Seems to me he's received some good advice from some seasoned saltwater anglers such as Richard and Philster. Hopefully he'll find it helpful to get into some more SRC's and coho in the future. :beer1:
  17. The salmon bonking season fast approaches!!!! David:ray1:
  18. When they really start running do they come in close like SRC's?
  19. If I did not use the helpful tips Id be a fool!
  20. The salmon MUST be in close for a crummy caster (like me)
    to catch them. David

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