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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Florian Leischner, Jan 2, 2004.

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    two things:

    well said O. clarki!

    wetline- my problem with herring netting at least in the sound is primarily the harvest of the herring themselves, not the salmon, as I do not know much about the bycatch numbers. I do know that the population of herring, which is the preffered feed of chinook salmon, has been heavily reduced in the last decade(s). this cannot possibly be a good thing for other species. Once again, I am not in any way agaist commercial harvest. I think it needs to be managed better, and from your story as you told it, it sounds like you were excessively punished, so for that, I am sorry.


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    Wet Line: "There are far bigger issues to consider".

    My thought on that is: Maybe, maybe not- but it is one of the "issues to consider". And we need to consider all of the impacts, not just the "comfortable" few. I would not dispute that commercial herring netters are hard working. But it is undeniable that pressure on the forage fish puts pressure on all the related species.

    Some interesting research at the U.S.G.S. Western Fisheries Reasearch Field Lab on Marrowstone Island indicates that the Herring themselves are imperiled by a disease which cuts their lives short by roughly half the expectancy. Perhaps reduced pressure on that fishery is in order.

    Of course I am sorry to hear of the calamity that befell you- I don't make light of that. And I am sure that's been very hard.