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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Stephen Rice, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. I took a roll of film on my flies the other and not one of them turned out. All blurry. What's a good camera to use when taking those close ups with spending a lot of money? and I mean cheapest one you can find :dunno
  2. Any digital camera with a "Macro" feature will enable you to get crisp close up shots. I do not have any experience with film in this area.

  3. SLR film cameras usually come with a 'normal' 50mm lens which commonly doesn't focus any closer than about 1 meter. Point and shoot autofocus film cameras are about the same but often produce worse pictures due to the difficulty in getting the focus area properly set.

    With an interchangeable lens film SLR you'll need to buy a special 'macro' lens that'll let you focus down to just inches from the lens.

    Some digitals have a macro setting that achieves the same thing. My Canon S30's macro feature is a pain in the ass to use but I heard good things and seen some teriffic images from some of the new Nikon Cool Pix models.

    Bottom line is that to get good close-up pictures of flies, you're probably gonna have to spend some dough.
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  5. You have to be smarter than what you are working with.:p

  6. What kind of camera are you using? If it's a regular ol' point and shoot, you might be out of luck.

    If you have an SLR, you have several options.

    Probably the cheapest would be a set of diopter lenses. They usually come in a set of 3 and screw onto the front of your normal lens where filters go.

    Another option would be an extension tube. This is a hollow spacer that goes between the lens and the camera body. But, it needs a male and female camera mount on each side. This effectively turns your regular lens into a macro lens.

    The third, and best but most expensive, is to get a dedicated macro lens. This is a lens whose main pupose is close-up photography. If you're doing a lot of this kind of work, it might be a good investment.
  7. For a the best close ups you have to use a
    bellows with an SLR, or another professional
    grade camera - wish I had a bellows, it's
    amazing what you can do with them. A good macro
    lens is the next choice.
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  9. Mac,

    Beautiful picture... And the fly is just as magnificent... Great detail on the fly, and great detail on the photo. Great all around job. What shop did you buy it at?

  10. Coming soon Greg, www.coldcanyonflies.com ... Tied by master tier Craig Black. Son of Umpqua Feather Merchant founder Dennis Black.

    Keep your eyes peeled folks.

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    Seriously, If all your photos were fuzzy, chances are your auto focus was not able to come in that close. What type of camera were you using? What focal length lens?


    Life goes on, enjoy it...
  12. Dude I can't give away all my Kung fu. If someone wants to e-mail me I'll tell them what I use. It is very simple.

  13. Not you silly rabbit, NWFlyfisher. I wanted to know what he was using...Luv Ya Bro!


    Life goes on, enjoy it...
  14. I was just using a regular kodak nothing special.shows ya how much I know bout cameras!

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