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  1. Whats the best way to take off varnish? Once I do that do I put the guides on? Whats the best way to straiten a rod with a heat gun? I'm trying to fix up this old bamboo rod thanks for the help!
  2. Unwrap the guides and mark where they were, I guess you could use a paste stripper and leave it on just long enough so the finish comes off with fine steelewool. Use denatured alchahol to wipe the rod down with it and let it dry thouroghly, rewrap the guides and make a dipping tube out of PVC, dip the rod up to the handle, and let dry. I would think that you might need to put it on a rod turner or mabe just hang it. I am just not sure how to not get runs when hanging so, I am hoping someone else would respond. You can contact any bamboo rod maker and they may tell you the best way to go about it or research online or get a book on refinishing bamboo rods.

    As far as straightening using a heat gun, do not let the heat gun sit to long as to burn the bamboo unless you are looking for a flamed look, and just use your hands to mold the rod into a straight position. There are also videos on youtube that will show you these processes.
  3. Here is a reply from another post...

    If you would like to do it yourself there is a book by Michael Sinclair that is the bible on rod restoration and repair that has just been reprinted. Up until now the book was really expensive if you could find a used copy. Here is a link to where you can order a new copy at $75, http://www.caneclinic.com/#!handbook check out the before and after pictures tab for some inspiration.
  4. Thanks bro
  5. How's the bamboo project doing? I live in Burien and have re-done a dozen bamboo rods with a different finish other than varnish. Send me a PM---Steve

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