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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Chester Allen, May 22, 2009.

  1. I got a heartfelt PM from another member of this board yesterday-- no names named here -- with a plea to stop writing and talking about marine worms in Puget Sound.

    The writer, who seems like a nice guy, was worried that too many people would find out about marine worms and pretty much ruin the fishing.

    I wrote back -- and told him that the cat is pretty much out of the bag when it comes to marine worms. A lot of flies -- Woolly Buggers, Woolly Worms, Knudsen Spiders and so on -- make passable or even good marine worm imitations. I suspect a lot of us are imitating marine worms without knowing we're imitating marine worms. I rowed in that boat for a long time.

    All this said, we all have different feelings about what to talk about on this board.

    I won't share sea-run cutt spots on Puget Sound -- but it seems to me that talking about what fish feed on and what flies might work is one of the reasons this board exists -- and is so popular.

    So, I'll talk about what the fish are eating -- or might be eating or what they could be eating next week -- and what flies I like.

    I'll talk about the KIND of places cutts, rezzie coho and even piling perch or flounder -- hang out, but I won't give directions to a particular spot.

    I'll read just about everything posted on this board, as this is THE PLACE to get good, up-to-date information on what is happening on Puget Sound. This board is a daily seminar on fly fishing Puget Sound, and it has grown to be very important to me.

    Now, I'm going to be quiet and tie some more worm flies....
  2. I'm bummed, I thought this was going to be a link to some sort of youtube video where it looked like marine worms were talking. "Ahhhh no! Mr fish, please don't eat me.....!" And so on.

    Yeah I know. What do you want, I didn't sleep much last night because the baby was screaming.
  3. Any kid who grew up on Puget Sound knows that Pile Worms will catch anything that swims out there. Its no big leap to translate that fact into a fly strategy for SRC.
  4. if someone asked you to not write about something it is your choice whether to do it or not, but to make a seperate post and rub his face in it is just assholic. and yes the writer in question probably does have a point that is valid. more about my friend Ken's fishing strategies in my blog...
  5. Hooker -- I wasn't trying to rub anyone's face in anything. I thought the guy had something interesting to say, and I wanted to see how others felt. It's as simple as that.
  6. Josh -- I've been where you are right now. I have weird, hazy memories of watching old sitcom reruns on Nick at Night while walking in circles with a yowling daughter in my arms.
    Now that daughter is in college, and the quiet around the house is too quiet....
  7. Sorry if I offended. Just seems rediculous to think that a fly pattern could ruin the SRC fishery.
  8. It would seem that more enthusiastic, well informed, responsible fishermen/women could be the key to protecting the puget SRC fishery - the more you enjoy fishing the more likely you are to fight to protect it and the fish. (If SRC were not CnR it might be another story)

    Thanks for sharing info about marine worms in Puget Sound - as someone wholly new to fly fishing this is exactly why I come to this forum - expert knowledge, and a strong community.
  9. It is simple. You talk to much. There are few secrets anymore and at the rate you like to run your mouth I;m sure the south sound will be devoid of any in about a month. Hell you already have given up beaches that most wouldnt fish unless oftherwise directed there, and it doesnt take much to fuck up a cutthroat spot. Look at a guy like Roger and take some notes on how to post a report if you must.
  10. I know a couple guys who are developing patterns through trial and error for polykete worms, so they're really no secret. And yes; I know that's not how the name is spelled.
  11. Hooker -- I don't give up any beaches at all! I have never named a beach, and I never will. I would challenge you to look at anything I wrote and show the name of a beach.
    I write about situations and flies and the beauty of all this, but I don't name spots. I fish alone about 95 percent of the time, and I like it that way.

    I've been fishing the Puget Sound since 1996, and I love this fishery.
    It is in my interest to preserve and protect this fishery.
    Again, I ask you to back up your words with facts.
  12. Naming no, but your yapping has lead to beaches being named. I;m thinking you like your self promotion a little bit more than you like this fishery.
  13. And if you like fishing alone, like you say, you;d STFU
  14. Hooker -- Now I am confused. It's not OK to talk or write about the fish, the flies or particular situations on the water? I haven't see any additional anglers on the beaches that I fish here in South Sound, and I fish a lot.
    I haven't even given any clues to the beaches! All good beaches have rips and points and shells and barnacles -- and sometimes they even have feeding fish.
    Please send me a PM and tell me which beaches have been named. I would have noticed that myself. I fish more than 10 spots on South Sound and Hood Canal, and not one of them has been named on this board. I am sure that some anglers on this board fish some of those beaches -- and they may have fished them longer than I.
    I found all my beaches the old-school way. I got out maps, drove -- or boated -- to spots and fished them. Some beaches worked out and others didn't.
    I'm not trying to promote anything. I'm a lifelong angler and an outdoor writer. The only things I've shared are what everyone else shares on this board, such as: Are the chum fry coming out of the streams yet? How do tidal changes move the fish? And so on....
  15. How bout tuesday's beach? you think if you'd brought it up it would have been named on the board? you think that people arent smart enough to figure that out?
  16. Here is a killer clam worm pattern they use in the North Atlantic in Denmark for sea trout and salmon
  17. Hooker, you are out of line sir... Chester is right in that this forum is a place for all of us to share information. Sure, there should be general guidelines as to what information should and shouldn't be posted. However, patterns and techniques are probably the two most important reasons that this forum was even created in the first place...and probably the reason why you joined yourself. I don't get the impression Chester cares more about himself then the fishery. If you have any sense and insight as to what kind of information Chester shares through his posts and his blog, you would recognize that as a fact. Go back to your anger driven, secret life of not sharing anything to protect your own selfish motives and fishing techniques. Maybe you should begin questioning why you are even here before you tell people to STFU...
  18. please send GPS cordinates of last fish caught
  19. Hooker -- This is getting exhausting. We have gone from you saying that I give up beaches and tell every secret left in Puget Sound. Now, you've whittled that down to one post that I wrote about an experience on an unnamed beach last Tuesday.

    So, now we're down to one beach that I fished last Tuesday -- out of more than 200 posts I've made on this board. Still, I went back to the thread and NO ONE named the beach I fished on Tuesday.

    And I suspect that some of the people who posted on that thread have a completely different beach in mind. What's more, the fishing was BAD on that beach on that day.

    In any case, how is that particular post any different from hundreds of posts on this board?

    I don't come onto this board to argue. I come here to learn stuff, share information and have fun. I've been a fly angler for 40 of my 48 years, and I love this sport and the fish and the places. I write outdoors for a living for two newspapers, and I don't name spots in those articles.

    What makes me sad about all this is that we'd probably say hello and have a nice talk if we met by chance on a beach. We probably share a lot of common interests -- after all, we are both here talking about fishing Puget Sound.

    My name is on my posts and my blog and my outdoor writing. If you do see me on a beach, please say hello. I rarely see other anglers on the beaches that I fish.
  20. you are clueless. You probably dont have anything worth sharing like most of the guys on here. You are here to learn and you want everything to be told to you. I can understand that, because most people are lazy and want to have everything fed to them and not have to put in any work.
    The reason i joined is to see attached pictures and talk fishing. I didnt join to tell every idiot out there how to fish. Thats something people should learn on their own. Sure, get the basics, have a mentor, but actually work for something too. Learn how to fish a beach on your own, learn what fly works when, learn how to be successful. Its part of the game and should be part of the learning curve. Unfortunately we have people here that want to be revered for telling everyone how to do it. I dont share what i know with everyone beacuse I RESPECT the fishery and most of those that do target coastal cuthroats on a regular basis.
    You and I read the same works with completely different takes on the material.

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