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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Chester Allen, May 22, 2009.

  1. I'm really looking forward to this, and we're meeting at a great place!
  2. So I was sitting at the vise the other night and came up with this worm pattern.
    I used it on the lake across the street and caught a couple stockers.
    I'm hoping to get out to the salt soon to see how it works.

    tungsten head, polycord body, spun marabou collar. I tied a couple with a trailing hook and a couple on a long shank hook.

    (sorry about the pic quality, but my camera broke so I had to use the cell phone)
  3. John sweet
    let me know how you do

    where you going I will meet ya
    I have half of mine tied
    I wanna try one of them out
  4. since you guys are meeting right down the street from my shop and it's my wife's and my 10 year anniversary I'm fully expecting a gift!

    The gift could be beer or flies... or I guess seeing you in the shop and meeting you all would do!


  5. Blake we were looking for a discount for bringing all those tiers to your shop
  6. :thumb: Now you're talking Kelvin :thumb:
    I think that anyone who has not seen the shop should find a way to stop in since we will be so close.
  7. Kelvin, for sure lets fish.
    pm sent.
  8. This thread has veered from the ugly to the creative and friendly, and I'm very grateful for that. This is a classy place....
  9. Sorry Chester if this is going to ruin the flow to the friendly, but I feel that it is OK to post information on the internet if you are tactful. But if you are always doing it, directing people to your blog, and pissing off people here and other places, you should realize that you are going too far.

  10. Well I guess we all knew someone would take a shot at the dead horse... :beathead:
  11. thestallion - I'm sorry I've pissed you off. I refer people to my blog because I don't like writing the same thing twice. I don't charge admission to the blog, and no one has to take a look.
    I also talk about things and strategies and timing and seasons and thoughts about the outdoors. I don't name places at all, much less rocks to stand on. I rarely see other anglers on Puget Sound beaches that I fish. I do believe that Puget Sound cutts need more friends and more political clout.
    You should also know that I'm a real, full-time outdoor writer. Sharing information -- but not directions to particular spots -- is what I do. I come on here because it is an interesting place and I learn a LOT. I also try to contribute as well.
    I would ask that you send me a PM if you want to continue this discussion.
  12. thestallion, I have no idea what your history is with Chester Allen. I also do not know Chester Allen. Knowing what I'm about to type is going to make me sound like a dick, but what the hell. Check out this thread. Come out of the shadows so all can know who you are, then if you still want to talk shit, have at it with no handle.

    I've never felt compelled or forced to visit Chester's blog, but I'll be checking it out now to see what has your knickers in a twist.

    Sorry to all for getting way off track. I'm glad to be in the Marine Worm Face To Face Swap and to have read this thread. Marine worms have never been on my radar as a food source. Glad that I've learned something.
  13. iagree and now I've been researching marine worms and tying up some patterns to try out.

    I enjoy learning things, especially fishing related as it is a passion of mine. This fishery is relatively new to me and I don't have any mentors to "show me the ropes". So I learn and absorb information (that points me in the right direction) from people like Chester, Roger, Les, Leland, and many others on this board to further my knowledge about fishing in the salt.

    Ed, don't be sorry. You were not way off track. I think your response was well stated.
  14. Kelvin,

    You have not because you ask not. Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you....unless of course it is after business hours and then you'll have to come back the next day.
    (ps, sorry about the cheesy bible reference) :)
  15. John,

    I couldn't agree with you more, I've been an avid fly fisher up here north of the 49th for almost 25 years! It was only this past fall I decided to give beach fly fishing a shot. I don't dare mention how many times I'd been out just to get skunked however, this past weekend I finally caught and released my first SeaRun :) Wasn't a trophy by any means (approx 12-13 inches) but, did manage to take a few pics before sending her back into the cool ocean. I went back to the same beach a couple of nights ago and hooked into a "really good" SRC that was pulling line off my reel, unfortunately it came off after playing it for about 10-12 seconds :(

    Guess my point is that it doesn't matter how long you've been fly fishing for, the learning curve never ends. But thanks to those mentioned above, at least I had a good foundation from which to build upon.

  16. iagree That's the thing I love about fly fishing, and this site. Such a great wealth of information and learning. This forum has taught be a lot in the last few years I've been playing with the bug rods. Now I can't put them down. :D

    Now to try out some worm patterns...I've got some idea's and it will be interesting to see how they do/don't work!



  17. no worries
    he hung out with fisherman

    I asked check your PM
  18. I don't tie my own flies but have thought about trimming down some plastic bass worms and using them. Soft plastics are deadly on all other marine species I fish for so I'm going to give it a whirl. No need for a vise, just a hook and some super glue.

  19. Wow, the beginning of this thread is a terrible example of sportsmanship. Sharing info is all part of fishing, everyone has their secret spots, but it IS 2009 and there are not a whole lot of "secrets" when it comes to Puget Sound coastline.

    If you have a secret, don't talk about it. If someone else talks about it, it really isn't a secret anymore is it? The cat getting let out of the bag should keep the older wiser and more experienced on their toes, using the internet to tell people to not talk about it is not much different.

    God forbid those that can only go out fishing once a month or so be afforded a bit of leg up to having a good time by joining this board and doing a little research, he (or she) should spend these cherished hours scouting, and trying every beach in the sound on their own until they accidentally stumble upon the right combination in 2014.

    Funny, sure seems like these folks are the ones that are called to arms every time there is a threat to a fishery and letters need to be written, but god forbid they find out about Marine Worms...

    Sorry to bring it up but I get really sick of the elitist attitudes of some folks.

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