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  1. Will someone please enlighten me and explain TAPATALK? Do I need it? Does it catch fish? Do I need a sinking line or will a floating line suffice? Does it have anything to do with Spain or Portugal?
  2. It's a great interface. If you have a iphone it's worth it. The other good option for mobile is to switch the main board interface to mobile mode. In some ways that's better for tablets. In any case it's only about a buck so try it out.
  3. I think some of these sophisticated phones nowadays can provide live sex.... TAPASEX maybe??? :D
  4. Love it for my Kindle, when I view the standard WFF page in my browser, alot of the graphics bleed over forums and won' allow me to post. Tapatalk streamlines the process so it loads fast and clean and gives me just the data I need.
    Plus TT is free. Definitely worth it if you are running a small interface.
  5. So it would make my iPhone better on WFF?
  6. I use it all of the time on my android phone and on a tablet. I find it a lot easier than trying to use the browser because I can actually read the text in TT. It comes in handy when waiting around for someone or something. Just get in and check out the forums.
  7. If you're not already using the mobile version then yes. If you're using the mobile version then it's subjective, but I like Tapatalk better. Image uploading is one feature that might even be better than the full site.
  8. I loaded it for awhile, unknowingly (insideous bastards). Didn't add anything worthwhile (android here) so I off'd it. Facebook too. Bloodsuckers. Less is more.
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  9. It saves a lot zooming in and out in the browser and switching between mobile and standard versions of the website. It isn't necessary to view the forum on your phone, but I think it makes it easier and faster.

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  10. Thanks everyone. A buddy is going to show me tomorrow so I will see what it is like and if I want/need it. I wasn't sure what it was. Kept seeing it on some of the posts on WFF.
    I agree on the facebook thing. I just ended that. Couldn't see any purpose to it.
  11. Anyone know how to delete your old accounts off Tapatalk? I had to setup a new one after changing my login but can't figure out how to delete my old account. I'm sure it's easy and I'm just....
  12. Never mind, of course I figured it out. But it is a little unusual. Swipe across any of your accounts and it'll let you reorder or delete.
  13. I had a smart phone one time, but I wasn't smart enough to use it. I have since gone back to a cell phone that does nothing but take calls and send calls. I couldn't be happier with me having a dumb phone.
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  14. Got a good demo of Tapatalk yesterday. It does make things easier. As Gary said, lessens zooming etc. Anyway, I downloaded it. $3. Will try it out.
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