Taping rod sections together

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Brian Scott, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Brian Scott Member

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    Is this a common practice among spey casters? I've seen a few videos lately that state the importance of taping the sections together at the ferrule to prevent them from slipping apart while casting.

    Any thoughts?
  2. luckybalbowa Member

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    On my guided trip with Mr. Buckner, he actully taped my spey rod together, as was his...

    It must happen often enough for Steve to take the time to do that... I have heard from elsewhere that some good parafin wax on the male end of the ferules is good enough, but steve has me skeered! :) I'll proabably end up putting electrical tape on my spey rods from here on out.
  3. fredaevans Active Member

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    Taping your rod sections together actually is a very good idea. Reason being is many of the "spey casts" are very dynamic in nature and put a lot of 'twist' in the rod as you execute same. It's this twisting that will loosen up the ferrels (sp?). Best way to tape is to put two strips up/down the rod (over the ferrel obviously) then spiril tape over these.
  4. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    Ayye. Everyone Spey guy I've every talked to or watched a video on does it for the reasons that fredaevans mentions. Its a lot easier to break a ferrule spey casting than traditional casting, so that's a way to protect it.
  5. Davy Active Member

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    I didn't really wanna say anything cause it'll probably start sumthin , but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:rofl: And I certainly am not an expert.

    Last year while fishing with an accomplished and FFF cert'd speycaster and guide I asked him about this very thing. He told he felt it was casting flaws that twist them apart and actually cause the problem. That throughout one's stroke , if kept in proper alignment, there will never be a coming apart issue. With all the video's and so many other experts saying to do the taping , perhaps this is just a quick fix to a more underlying casting flaw we all have as new casters? I am not sure. Anyway, just my 2 cents on what he told me. He was pretty adamant that if ones stroke was trully correct this would not be a problem.

    I have yet to have mine come apart though - knock- knock- and if you have seen me cast you know there are mulitudes of flaws. Infact, my cast is just one big flaw.
  6. Brent Comer Member

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    I use wax. I also check the ferrules frequently. Also, certain casts, like the Snake Roll, seem to cause things to loosen up more quickly.
  7. KerryS Ignored Member

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    I have been hucking line with a 2 handed rod for over 10 years and have never taped a rod. I have had sections try to come lose but it is rare that I do and usually means I didn't assemble the rod properly. I watch my rod for any twist that may occur while casting and if the sections do start to twist I stop and re-align them. My preference is to assemble my rod correctly, maintain the alignment of the sections while fishing and not use wax or tape.
  8. Brian Scott Member

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    Does anyone know what the rod manufacturers' suggest concerning this issue?
  9. Salmo_g Active Member

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    If taping ferrules was necessary for Spey rod function, I would expect the manufacturer to require that ferrules always be taped in order for the warranty to be valid.
  10. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    Kerry brings up an important point to be careful and make sure the rod is correctly assembeled, and to keep an eye on it while fishing. Tape won't substitute for that.

    Manufacturing reps have told me always to tape because Spey casting does twist the rod. I have also been told to tape big (7 wt 8 wt, 9wt) single handed rods if I plan to use certain spey-like casts with them.

    I use a big piece of lumber for a two hander 10/11 wt so I'll always use tape. Maybe its not as important with a light weight Spey rod? I don't know. But electrical tape takes seconds to put on, and a minute to take off, so I figure 'why not'.
  11. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    I think some do. But that may have been a dream because afterwards the steelhead did a little song and dance number.

    But seriously, I think someone told me that some manufacturers require taping or the ferrules aren't covered by the warrenty. SOmething like that.

    THis is really a question for Red Shed.
  12. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    Just to throw fuel on the fire. Apparently some notables like Dec Hogan don't tape. He instead checks the ferrules religously every 5 mintes or every few casts. And when I say religously, I do mean religously....

    Personally I know that Aaron doesn't tape his demo rods at the River Run stuff, but that may be a function of hassle more than anything else. But between him and Mike Kinney, they pretty much bark at you to check them pretty often :)

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  13. ibn Moderator

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    I've done some spey casting, but I don't own a rod so I don't do it a lot. Forgive me if I'm missing the obvious, but why is this more of a concern then it might be with a 1hander? I've lost ferrules before on a 1 hander, and I've broken a rod on a fish because one of the ferrules was barely connected. Is there something worse that happens to a spey rod then a 1hander if they come appart?

    I've never heard of anyone taping their 1 hander....?
  14. Porter Active Member

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    I have seen and heard of some who break their spey rod just from casting....not so much with one handers....usually you get that this doesn't feel or sound right from one handers and then check your ferrules and correct the problem....If you do feel it or by the time you feel it on the spey it might be to late. I own one and dipped into it for awhile but have not really been anxious to get back into it......Great casting tool...but man do I have a problem bringing them home on that long thing. :( :(
  15. Red Shed "junkyard spey"

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    I recommend taping to my customers even though taping is not a guarantee you won't have a broken rod problem.

    I don't believe it is nearly as important to the guys fishing the short lines and the short line "jedis" don't seem to talk about it much. Of the long belly guys I know (a lot) I'd say 95% of them tape. It seems the long belly "jedis" all talk about taping. During steelhead season there is always tape hanging on the outside wall of the shop and between sales and give aways we go through about 50 rolls a year.

    It is also a matter of which brands and models you are casting. Some seem to move more then others. The Loomis Greased Line rods don't need tape even when casting long bellies.

    As to the rod manufacturers only a few recommend taping publicly. I don't think they want to tell you to tape their rods that cost $$$$$$$. Some of them will talk about it privately. I know CND recommends taping or used to at least. Snowbee's catalog says "Spey-Casting involves a circular casting motion that may cause rod joints to gradually come apart. We strongly recommend that you tape all joints prior to use".

    Any plastic electrical tape will work but the best I've found so far for little or no residue is the 1/2" tape from Radio Shack. It seems to lay up "prettier" also if that is important.

    Most of my customers have magnetic rod racks so they only tape when they get here and when they leave. The way I look at it is this. Taping only takes at most 10 minutes a trip. The wait for a repaired rod is much longer. I tape my rods for the same reason I have car insurance and carry a shovel, tow chain, and spare tire. SXXT happens!
  16. ssickle1 Slow and Low

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    The only ferell that works loose for me is the one closest to the real. I adjust it all the time. same deal on a 9 wt as a7wt. No big deal. Better than having them stuck together too tight.
  17. Voyagertwelve Member

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    I use pieces of Surgical rubber tubing on my ferrules, I bought a couple of feet of various sizes and match the size to the ferrule size I can roll it back to assemble or disassemble the rod. I've never had a ferrule come loose using this method and it is a lot easier to deal with if you have to break down the rod to hike into a good hole.

    As far as the casting stroke having an effect on this if it is true mine would loosen all four sections at the same time:beathead:
  18. FT Active Member

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    I have always taped my 2-hand rods and have done so from the first day I took the first one I bought out to cast. That was back in 1993. I've not heard of any of the top spey casters in the world not taping. Also, the vast majority of the certified (whether here in North America by the Federation of Fly Fishermen, or in the UK by their certification body) recommend and tape all the time.

    I detest having to check ferrule allignment when fishing, so I tape simply because I will fish for hours without taking the rod apart and I never have had a rod's ferrule loosen during those hours on the stream.

    And perhaps the reason CND recommends taping is the Japenese owner and rod designer of CND rods is a spey caster who only fishes 2-handers for salmon and steelhead; therefore, he knows first hand the value of taping a 2-hander.
  19. jhorton New Member

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    When I started with two-handers, I religiously taped based on what I had been taught. As part of product testing, I have not taped a rod for over three years now, I have not busted one yet. Occasionally, a section will wriggle loose, but so far, I have always felt this during the cast and caught it in time.

    Hardly conclusive, I know.
  20. fredaevans Active Member

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    Many good thoughts above; all on mark. Taping will not "save you" if you haven't put the rod sections together properly in the first place. You do have to watch the guide alingnment over time. Tape will loosen up on occation.

    For someone used to using 2-handers (if your paying attention) you will deffently pick up on the change of 'rod feel' as you cast is you've loosen up a ferrel.