Targeting Salmon?

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  1. You would have to find one first.
  2. I think some are missing the point. An angler knows whether he is targeting salmon or not and the concern should be not whether they might get a ticket but rather is it an acceptable angler ethic to target a species that is closed. It really is up to the individual angler and their own ethic.


  3. Using a five weight or six weight rod, a single #6 or smaller fly,and 4X to 3X tippets, we stay out of trouble legitimately.
  4. bingo, one has to self police themselves because there is no chance of being busted based on line weight, tippet strength, or other nonsense especially since the likelihood of being stopped by a warden is about the same as being struck by lightning.

    the problem is that washington seems unable to allow targeted salmon c&r fisheries in the saltwater. this is too bad as other areas of the country allow one to fish for species that are closed for harvest just as long as you release them. it creates confusion with all of the differing marine areas and would have minimal impacts if selective gear were required when harvest was closed. i think back to last summer in june when i could legally fish for coho on the canadian side of swiftsure (c&r only since i couldn't land the fish back in a US port) but if they happened to cross a dotted line on the chart those same fish were off-limits to fishing. seemed an odd situation to me but i was happy to just be on the water fishing for coho without needing to harvest them. this happens regularly where one marine area is open for harvest and fishing but a 1/4 mile away it is shut down to everything but cutthroat and flounder.

    it seems like we manage for poachers and scofflaws and not the majority of anglers who would either enjoy some non-harvest opportunity or wait for the harvest season to open.
  5. heres a giggle when the wenatchee first started that #14 hook size stuff for whitefish a local tied up leeches on a #14 streamer hook well he was fishing for whitefish but could not keep the "red fish" off the hook (steelhead) in fact the warden did check his gear and got as much of a laugh out of it as the guy fishing as the regs only said size#14 no wording for gap or length, but he did pass along to him that maybe just maybe he was stretching the rule envelope a bit ;)

  6. I must have really bad luck then. I've been checked by a warden 6 times so far this year.
  7. I've been checked twice in my life, last I was with Dave on a kayak at Point Def. They showed up in a boat and checked.
  8. Was checked once last year for a license, as the guy walked away he stopped and asked if I was pinching off my barbs. I said yes and he just kept walking. I guess I look like a law abiding guy?
  9. I get checked 3 or so times a year. (Not counting 2 boat inspections this year from staters) 80+ days on the water a year, participating in about 15 different fisheries. I will often see them but they are too busy to hit everyone on the water. They sometimes will watch from a far as well. I wish they did check more fly fisherman because there are many that think they are above the law. Even in regards to barbed hooks for steelhead and its a damn shame.
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  10. The game wardens have always been stretched for time and coverage. And ever since the budget crunches hit, the game wardens are working harder than ever, with less resources.
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  11. i forgot that if you fish out of a boat your chance of getting checked goes way up.... but i have never been checked where a warden would have to walk through anything that would mess up the shine on their boots. guys can kill a wild steelhead out of season, have a game warden told about it 1/4 mile away, and still not get busted... while we worry about catching and releasing a salmon out of season on purpose.
  12. In CA they can confiscate any thing that was used in breaking a law. In other words if your fishing from a boat and keep a King out of season they can take you rod, reel, line, boat, and motor. Makes it worth more if they catch you breaking the law in a boat. Not sure how that works here in WA.
  13. I got caught fishing the upper Yakima with bait and all I got was a talking to and a fine.
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  15. I guess putting a 8wt line on a 6wt rod makes it able to handle bigger fish Hmmmm never thought of that sure would make the wife happy not to have so many rods just fly line
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  18. I'm stunned by the concept of OMJ, the Warden. There's a ("Broke Bad") movie for you.
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  19. I caught a 32" blackmouth on a 6wt Xi2 with 2x tippet from the boat once. It involved a lot of chasing with the motor, and close to 1/2 hour of the most fun I've had in the south sound.

    BUT. You should have seen the other guy. He swam away when released, but his ass was kicked. Legally I could have kept it at the time, but it didn't feel like the right thing to do. Survival was questionable.

    If there's a point here, it's that a six weight will work, but since it's August now, I'd switch to an 8 wt. You'll be able to release any trout all the quicker. And as for the sport, if we're honest, SRC don't really put up much of a fight any way.
  20. -"SRC don't really put up much of a fight any way."

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