Targeting Salmon?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Theron, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. J. Lipton

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    You must not be much of a fisherman if you had to use bait on the upper Yakima.
  2. mtskibum16

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    Right, but a surprise 32" blackmouth isn't really a "norm" that I would normally plan for while fishing for SRC (although I'd be fine with that as a norm!). If you read the context of the thread, it was talking about specifically gearing up for and targetting salmon when the season was closed. I also prefer a heavier weight rod when I am specifically targetting salmon during salmon season, but that isn't what we were discussing before.
  3. Don Freeman

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    I mighta got too wordy.

    I suggested Theron use an 8wt since he's hooking a lot of salmon. The only time I've been checked by enforcement in the field the officer only checked my fly and hook size. He apparently didn't know and certainly didn't care about rod weights.

    I'd fish with an 8 wt with the same terminal gear if I were hitting mostly salmon for the likelihood of a quicker, safer release without fear of a citation. You'd would be more likely to appear to be targeting salmon if using a 6wt rod with a 2/0 hook and an anchovy, than an 8wt with a small tube fly and a #4 hook.
  4. Alexander

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    A 32" SRC would fight like a boss!