Tax Day Fly Swap II

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ron Eagle Elk, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just got back from the Skagit. Been chasing steel and Dollies since Tuesday. I didn't catch anything under 40 inches....or over 39. VEE, however did manage to bring a nice little hen to hand. Her first steelhead and her first fish ever on a spey rod. Now she's really stoked about the two handers. Looks like I'll be going spey rod shopping again.

    Cranny, the important thing about swap flies, they gotta work! Pretty is nice, flies that catch fish is better.

  2. Ron, mine will be in the mail tommorow, This is a pattern that will/do/have catch fish and is the color of moneyand a must have for the upcoming opener. ;) :hmmm: That's all I'm going to say...
  3. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow a fly that is a fish getter I use a lot in the Eastern Wash lakes that I fish.
    jesse clark
  4. Randy, Jesse,

    Thanks for the update guys. After being on time, everytime for the Marathon Swap, I knew I could count on you guys for some great flies. Looking forward to seeing them arrive in the mail.

    For the rest of you'se guys. I don't hear those scissors snippin' or those bobbins spinning. Time is growing short.

  5. Mine just went in the mail today.

    Steve S
  6. Steve, Thanks, I'll be keepin my eyes peeled for them.

    Cranny's flies arrived today, all the way from Arizona. Very sweet flies, Cranny. Can't wait to copy it and get one wet.

  7. Ron,

    Flies went in the mail today, and the post office lady said they should arrive tomorrow. I tied a Partridge and Orange, which I use this time of year for searuns in streams and rivers. I've had a lot of success with it in the Little D fished both dead drifted and swung as a streamer. Cowlitz searuns like it, too.

    Thanks again for meisting,

    AKA riverdog
  8. Flies arrived today from Randy Diefert, Steve S, and flytying6. With Jesse's and Riverdogs flies winging their way here, I may be able to mail early. That would make fly swap history. Well done!

    The offering will give everyone a nice selection of flies to play with during the season.

  9. Hey Ron, Thanks so much for meistering. I look forward to seeing everyones' patterns.

  10. Riverdogs flies arrived in the afternoon mail. Jesse's should arrive on Thursday. We may be setting some kind of record, all the flies in early, what a concept.

    All of the flies except Jesse's have been photographed, divided up, and are sitting in their envelopes waiting.

    Nicely done everyone.

  11. Folks, We may have made history. With the arrival of Jesse's flies this afternoon, not only did all the flies get here on tiem, they were a day early!!!

    All the flies have had their pics taken and are securely boxed up waiting for the morning mail run so they can wing off to your awaiting hot little hands.

    Fine job everyone. The flies are great. If you don't believe me take a look at the pics in the gallery.

  12. Thanks ron, i wish the pictures weren't so good so that i couldn't see the flaws in my tying.
  13. Mike, Those chiros were so small I had to use the pics to be able to see them.

    Everyone, make sure you check your flies well. These two tiny chiros are loose in the boxes. They can hide in the hackle of your other flies.

  14. Received the flies today, thanks for hosting ron.
  15. Your welcome, Mike. This is another case of the swappers making the swapmeisters job easy. All the flies were in ahead of time and good communication. Makes hosting a snap.

  16. Got my flies in the mail yesterday. Man, awesome looking flies everyone. Once again, Ron, thanks for hosting. :beer2:

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