Teal Lake Trout

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Steven Green, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Steven Green Hood Canal Pirate

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    I have been fishing Teal lake alot recently due to its close proximity to my home/catch and release/rarely crowded and I've had much luck hooking up with some nice trout. The port Ludlow Fly Fishermans Club owns the lake and stocks it with real nice monster trout, the biggest i've caught is 20" My luck has declined the last week or so and I'm wondering what I should be doing differently. most of this fall I have been killing them with black and green bow river buggers and black wooly buggers but all of the sudden I am having no luck no matter how heavy my line is or how deep i fish, what fly, or what pattern. I see nothing hatching in the water and it is not really the time. I need to get around this challenge to continue my fishing. Suggestions? any input appreciated.
  2. Rob Ast Active Member

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    I also fish teal on a fairly frequent basis. I know last winter I had reasonable success with white bead-head wooly bugger and carey specials/six-packs. When the temps start to drop the fishing definately slows down.
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    This time of the year with the clear skies and cold nights the water temp is dropping into wintertime strata. The fishing definitely slows down as the fish don't have much of an appetite because of the cold water. As the water temps drop so do their metabolism hence they don't need to feed much and they're harder to catch because of it. I've been experiencing the same thing as you and it happens every Nov.