Teal Poachers

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by 5weight, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Friday would have been a better day at Teal without the poachers. The man I encountered said he was fishing legally with "shiners" on a weighted line from the bank. Worms would be better than introducing minnows to Teal Lake. I filed a report with the state poaching info line and was asked for any additional information. If anyone has anything to add use the following. poaching@dfw.wa.gov
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    Pictures of license plates? I would not attempt to take pictures of the individuals.

    Did you explain any of the rules, nicely?
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    The rules are clearly posted. Bait is bait. He told me he knows the rules and was fishing legally. In addition, before I got in the water I saw him dry a fish off with a towel before releasing it. The individual from the State who responded to my note was looking for more information. From what I saw on an earlier post from Teal it was not the first time.
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    The county sherif will respond and enforce the rules at Teal Lake. Just dial 911. Don't let the poachers ruin your day. Sooner or later they'll get caught. Also, there was a car prowl there last week. A friend forgot to lock his rig and lost a few hundred bricks worth of stuff.
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    First minnows, then bass, as long as you all have something to fish for no biggie right? Maybe you will even get your new GOLD FISH POND!

    The minnows are a much bigger issue than the few trout poached but, should make for another great "new" bass fishery. The decline of most Northwest trout fisheries!
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    Yeah, and there are several signs on the lake that are floating that state "NO BAIT". Best idea is to maybe start "popping their tires"…. just an evil thought...
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    He dried a fish off with a towel? Why in the hell would anyone do that? What's the benefit?
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    No poachers there today (for once); just beautiful weather, 50 degree water, some midges, fly fishers and a few trouts...

    Oh yeah, when you towel off your catch, it helps to reduce the slime build-up inside your waders