Team Golden Ghost....Carp Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Roper, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    You need those flashy titles to hook you guys into reading sometimes. ;)

    I think there was enough interest to have a Carp Fly Swap, but no one stepped up to the plate as manager.

    Since I don't know any better, I'm willing to chair the swap. Please either e-mail me directly or post a note here. I will compile a list of folks and the fly they will submit. The I'll give my address and directions for mailing.

    I'll do the mixing, matching, hatching, swapping, mailing thing and after that we'll have to plan our first Team Golden Ghost trip.

    Your humble Swapmeister, Roper
  2. MacRowdy

    MacRowdy Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan

    Well Rope, how many teams are we going to have on this site?

    I will be submitting the infamous black leech of death, Peter Cottontail's evil twin.

  3. I'll actually submit 2 flies. That's because one of them is so easy to tie, it just doesn't seem right to submit it alone.

    I'll be submitting:

    1) The Carp Wooley
    2) Crayfish pattern from E. Wenatchee's Blue Dun. (I don't know what its called).

    What's my deadline?


    Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
    (Sir Izaak Walton)
  4. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I just tied up some bunny leeches in black. But they were only about two to three inches long. One cone head and two with out. Will these get into your club Mac?:beathead

  5. Brad Niemeyer

    Brad Niemeyer Old School Member

    To my way of thinking, a fly swap is only valuable for flies that have actually worked for you....

    ...for a specific species a specific location ( location location location) a specific time( timing is everything)
    ...using a specific presentation (presentation is everything)

    ...without that information we might as well be swapping kitchen towels with embroidered designs

    Most of my fly swapping happens when someone sees me hook a fish and asks "hey, what are you using?"

    I am always happy to share.

  6. flyfishnm

    flyfishnm Member

    Trying to continue on my idea of a carp fly swap eh? I was really hoping someone else would be the swapmeister, because I am out in New Mexico right now. I'd like to be in it, but I don't know what I am going to tie: possibly my cotton fly/ugly bugs. As for the response to Piscean, let's just go general all around carp flies, so I should probably tie the ugly bug.

  7. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    How many???

    As many as it takes my friend, as many as it takes.

    And for your information, I will be tying a Dragon/Damsel Nymph with bead eyes for those Golden Ghosts to munch on.


    Carpe Carpio
  8. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant


    I have some lovely unbleached cotton with scottish thistles in silk floss...

    ;) ;) ;)

    Will you be joining? Please?

    SA Roper
  9. Bob Triggs

    Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

    I hear Maggot Flies, on a size 12,14,16 scud/shrimp hook, work well on them in England.
  10. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    Does this mean you're joining the swap??
    Maggots are welcome...
  11. Bob Triggs

    Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

    Don't bug me about it.....:p
  12. MacRowdy

    MacRowdy Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan

    My Magic Leech pattern spanked a huge old carp up at Rocky Ford one summer day in 2002. Sucked it right down his grill.

  13. wrench

    wrench Member

    Glad you took the ball and ran with it! I am in, from beautiful Libby MT will tie my famous carp bug, has got hundreds of Columbia basin and Montana carp. My deadline is.....I need to tie how many flies......I need to send them to whom... Big problem with me and swaps is I get all these great looking flies and get attached to them and never use them...have yet to use a fly I got in a swap. Great fun however. PS will be looking for carp the day or two before Bloomsday this year while I am over that way.......

    BOBLAWLESS New Member

    As a kid in Central Park, Denver, Colorado, I used to use a fly that resembled a piece of pop corn. What you do is that you throw a bunch of popcorn in the water from a bag that you bought at the circus or the movies. When you've got them rolling and in a frenzy, you slip them your fly while watching out for the cops. Works. I want some flies, but I'm too lazy to tie any so I guess that leaves me out of the club and its outings. But I would like to be able to go along as a special guest.:thumb
  15. KingRex

    KingRex New Member

    My buddy sore shoulder said people would be meeting at the Dennies before the fly show. Why don't we all bring a fly that has been productive or we feel might be and any literature pertaining to the capture of the elusive gold beast. Are people really planing to meet?

    PS I am into Muskie fishing on the fly and Landed 3 in Green Lake last year and this year my new Fly is going to imitate a Fry carp. YYYEEEEAAAAA
  16. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    "Are people really planing to meet?" (Denny's)

    I'll be there at 0800....Saturday morning


    Truth above all else
  17. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    How many people does Denny's hold. If you all meet there and Mac shows up there won't be any food left or should I say doughnuts.