Team Rugged Dry Falls report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Roper, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. Roper

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    Well, the fish weren't lockjawed, but it was slow. That is except for two guys from "the other flyfishing site". Scott and Gotchaser had it dialed in for two days that we were there. What was the hot ticket, you ask? Snowcones and chironomids on long (20') leaders. They would run two flies about 18" apart and see which one was the hot one. Often it was a olive chironomid. Water temps were running around 54 degrees under a full moon.
    Friday afternoon I managed to pick one up while chatting with Pwoens over an open fly box. Pat noticed my rod bent over and woke me up, "Hey! you've got one on". It was fairly comical, I had to hand line it in because of fumbling with the rod in my float tube pocket. It LDR'd about a yard off the port side, a nice rainbow. Pwoens got in the groove Saturday and I even managed to pick up both a brown and a rainbow, both nice healthy fish in the 18-20 inch range. My fly choice was a Jim Beam in a #10 Mustad scud hook. Others in the group averaged a couple of fish a piece, with a few reporting serval fish.
    The Friday night campfire scene was nothing short of drunken insanity. I think it was the Drambuie that put it over the edge. Xtreme Angler showed up and put in his drift boat. He was definately in the lap of luxury with cold beer and plenty or room to stand up a move around. He was definately a striking figure on the water.
    The lake was fairly well packed but there was still room for all. No fights broke out, no shots were fired, so I guess it was a success. Oldman was heard cussing well into the wee hours, something about it being too damned cold. I missed it, earplugs are a wonderful thing to have in your, when is our next outing???


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    (I tried to email this to you, but verizon keeps kicking it back as invalid addy.)

    I had to be off the water by 10 so I'm sure you saw me start to fade back out of the picture. It looked like you guys were killing 'em up against that wall. I tried the Chironomid thing, but I wasn't even near the depth that you guys were kicking it. I've spent the my last 200 hours of fishing, chasing Steelhead. Trying to switch gears may take some time, about 15 more minutes. That was fun though. As I was making my way back, I passed back by where I almost nailed a fat Brown feeding on the surface. I saw the hatch coming off the surface and new I had a couple more # 16 and 18 flies to match. It was so hard to not stop and try again. As it was, I had just enough time to drive home and shower for work. I'll be fishing the salt here on Tuesdays and Thursdays before work pretty soon. Are you in a position to try during the week? I'm doing bills today so I'll get the SASE out to ya.


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    Well, I've been known to post to this board on ocassion too. ;) Anyway, by luck more than anything, we did get it figured out Friday afternoon. We landed a dozen or so each on Friday, using the method Roper described. By the way, powens can throw twenty feet of leader better than he lets on. We returned for more on Saturday and by 3:00 I had landed 25+. The key was to get it down deep.

    Then at 3:00 it just shut down. I didn't get another strike until I left at 5:00. I tried throwing everything in my box, but to no avail. Oh well, I have no complaints.

    It was nice meeting Roper and powens and spending some time chatting with them. I think I briefly met Whitey too, but I didn't realize it until after he left.

    I also spent some time last week on Nunnally and the Yak. I'll post a full report later today when I have more time.

  4. XstreamAngler

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    YO YO YO, I have to say the Team Rugged Dry Falls adventure sure beat my liver to a pulp on Friday Night! Ya'll are a bunch of booze swilling foul foul people! Just the kind that makes a guy like me feel at home! It was great to put some faces with the names, names with the faces and see the foul works of Team Rugged. As for the fishing, I just could NOT take it, how many people can sit rods length from each other and NOT so much as talk about anything! It seems that when flytossers crawl into a tube and park in 25 feet of water they simply lose all will to speak! Other then that, ya'll are some good anglers, saw some fish taken, took a few myself (2 actually) but we will use "Few". Old Man, you had me ROLLING all night, you may be an old man but you can fish my water anytime! The rest of you, I say NOTHING until I find out who was spooning with me at 3:30am! You were soft, supple and gentle! Thank you!
    Xstream }(
  5. Ty

    Ty Fish?! Where?!

    Friday i didnt have too much luck. Just two strikes on a big black bunny leech. The first one startled me pretty good as wasnt paying attention, lol. :rolleyes It was great to meet everybody there friday night and place some faces to the names. As Oldman quickly pointed out i didnt talk all that much, but i didnt really need to. Everyone else was talking enough and it was pretty good entertainment to just listen and laugh. After finally gettin to bed at like 2:30 i was too lazy to set up the tent so i just threw the sleepin bag on the grass and crawled in. Saturday morning everyone congregated in one area on the lake and i LDR'd one and missed another first thing. Later on around one or so i ended up have four on in about twenty minutes. I brought three to hand and LDR'd the other. I was using about six feet of sink tip then ten feet of leader with a Jim Beam then another two to three feet down was a green brassie. Was just fishin straight down off the tip of my rod. Three took the brassie and the other the Jim Beam. Besides the wind it was a beautiful weekend to be on the water with everyone. I look forward to the next gathering! :thumb


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  6. MacRowdy

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    Well here's how I fared:

    I dropped anchor next to two guys who were just killing em! I just anchored off to the right and fished and watched in amazement. It turned out to be Irafly and a friend. I watched them hook up about 15 times each in 2 hours. Finally I asked if they were from and pretty soon Ira hooked me up with a little Chironomid fishing instruction and I started getting some takes. Had one hook up fishing without a strik indicator. And then when Ira and his friend left I switched to the old Standby: Whitey's Mr. T bunny Leech Black and Olive. Nailed three hogs right there. Sinking line fished slowly right on the bottom with erratic movements. The rest of my time was spent keeping Whitey from sinking in the mud over in the shallow section. hahaha

    I had a blast with you guys.

    As for the campfire, wow, I thought that there was some cussin and drinking going on up at Chopaka but that experience pales in comparison! You fellas are as dirty and rowdy as they come. There were some concerns as to how I could be called "Rowdy", seeing as I don't drink. Let's just say that there is good reason. But I would be more than happy to give up the "Rowdy" part of MACROWDY and hand it over to BackYardRowdy, or SAKROWDY, or OLDMANROWDY. Then there are the silent rowdy ones like: BhuddaROWDY and PWROWDYOENS and TYROWDY. Besides, if I was lit up who would take care of Whitey?

  7. Backyard

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    Never let guys from the internet lure you to....

    a remote camping ground! HA!! I had a great time. Friday night's laugh fest made my face hurt the next day, but it also seemed to rearrange my internal organs so I only had to get out roper's pimp outcast (thanks again) to take a leak one time. Or it coulda been the Pabst Blue Ribbon that destroyed my liver.

    If you have never made it to one of these group outings, I highly suggest it. Everyone is super cool and they know their shit. Just don't give "Old Man" any Jim Beam or you will hear about it all night }(

    As for the fishing I sucked all Saturday morning. At mid day I made my way over to the far cliff wall to catch some shade and ran into a group of "thugs". I only call them this because of their large size, veracious hunger, and a straight gang mentality. Not quite as organized as the Raccoons at the camp ground, but they could probably kick your ass.

    Dropping size 18 black gnat/chiro patterns got me 4 broken leaders/bad knots (not "sweet knuts") and 6 fish to the net within one hour, until the wind started picking up. At that point Camel lights and Pabst weren't cutting it anymore & hunger got the best of me.

    I found out that Bhudda was a RF virgin so I took him over later that afternoon to get his fix. If you catch one there with TWO redbutt black emergers in his mouth I would like those back please. heh

    The next day Sparse took Bhudda and I into BFE to some cool lakes for big browns. But about 10 minutes of Trolling Whitey's MR.T leech, the hatch by the shore lured me in for some dryfly action. We all then spent my last 4 hours there trying to crack the code to the midge fishing. We each brought in some fish but never really figured it out. I hope they had better luck throwing streamers for the browns after I left.

    Well anyways I can't wait for the next one. All you guys rock. I'm disappointed I didn't get a group photo from either night but I'm sure we'll get it another time. Here are some photos I did manage to get.

    Dry Falls Lake
    links dead

    One of my bitches..
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    Sparse tying up a leech lakeside... pure pimp.
    links dead
  8. Whitey

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    Out of Control! Out of Hand! That sums up Friday nights activities. I had a few to many that night and headed for bed around midnight. Everyone else partied way late, so I missed some of the festivities. I didn't get much sleep that night, someone was being very loud and unruly, I won't name any names.;) I didn't hit the water till about 10 on saturday, it was packed. I fished for 10 hours staight, brought 5 fish to hand. Not very productive, but I did have some fun on the shallow side of the lake where nobody else was fishing. As far as Chironomiding go's, picked up one on a long leader. As far as casting go's, Try a roll cast, worked well with out getting my line tangled. I hope Pwoens is listening.......Me and Rowdy picked up a couple of fish on the Mr. T leech at dusk. I'll also have you know that although we didn't get to the lake early, we were the last car in the lot to leave. Saturday night was much more tame, just a bunch of guys sitting around the fire rapping about fishing. I did get into it with WorldAnglr about knots. He won, the uni knot is best. He did the tests to prove it, how can I argue with that?? :dunno I met a bunch of people, and all in all, I had fun. As for next time, I think I need a few months to recover. :beer2 YT:smokin
  9. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    shmokin' reel!!!!!!!


    well Macrowdy is mellow, whitey white and old man is a truckers vocab. dream come true , ha. well my trip was awesome , 1st im glad to know therea are some cool people worth driving 300 plus miles to meet :thumb 2nd i fished for the first time with other people, im ussually solo, and i learned some very good knowledge stuff. Sparse helped me alot, as did Backyard with tying and bugs. i really dig that! thank you Whitey for the flys , i think theres a thread lose, j/j . And then theres the hard core group-greyghost,worldangler, probably some others? you rock! fellas hoorah!! look forward to fishing with any and all of you whenever :beer2 -bhudda

    oh and if im quiet, im meditating or is that medicated:smokin
  10. hikepat

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    Dry Falls trip. Beer, Fishing, lots of good weather, Good people. What a fun time even if I did not catch any fish while there. Just 5 lost fish for the whole trip. At least some from the group caught quite a few. I really got alot from the diffrent fly tying classes put on and I want to thank those who were putting them on through out the weekend. I can tell what my next part of the addiction we call fly fishing will be. time to get me a vise and some tools. Lots of information about diffrent places was exchanged but either due to the beer or the large amount of information exchanged about diffrent places I do not remember much about them. I did check out Rocky Ford for the first time for an hour on the way home. It was kinda neat to see all those big fish through out, but if I ever stop there again it will be earlier in the day or later at night. The water had so much weeds washing down my hook brought up a batch after every cast. I was told by some fishing there mid-day {1PM till 2PM}is not the best time to fish it. The slow moving water was almost lake like with just enough movement to keep you mending line. I am not sure if I would call fishing at Rocky Ford lake fishing, river fishing or trout farm. Still its a place to check out at least once and a good place to practice a good solid presentation. Sparse, KLM, Old Man, Whitney, and the rest is was great meeting you all and putting some faces and real names to these post. Sign me up for the next outing West or East.:beer2 :rofl For those hitting the Yak on the way home Sunday how was it?
  11. MacRowdy

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    HikePat, "Woodman" I am so glad you did meet Whitney. Did you get her autograph? hahahahahahaha

  12. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    Sorry I was at work and typing fast.
  13. Backyard

    Backyard SANCHO!

    Yeah we wouldn't have stayed warm the whole weekend if you didn't stop by the store and snag that semi-truck load of pallets :thumb Thanx!

    Yeah Whitney is pretty hot, to bad she wouldn't zip her sleeping bag together with mine. }(
  14. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'


    did i miss her AGAIN! the park ranger did say there was a sigthing of a brown, bobby that is}( haaa

    bhudda zatfa!
  15. Luv2flyfish

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    Sounds like a trip I should have been on. Pwoens invited me, but I had already made plans to camp out at Rocky ford with a buddy of mine from Idaho. If you all were stopping by the ford - I saw you and you saw me, but we didnt know who the hell the other guy was. The 2 dodges in the rocky parking lot was me and my bud from home. Fishin was slow at the Ford, allthough saturday afternoon - the fish got HOT for some reason. They were blasting flies and burnin reels. It was cool for about 2 hours. Sunday morning was pretty good......but then it slowed and then crawled.......and then the rocky ford algea constipation took over. I managed to get my 9ft 5wt SP slammed in my truck door - that one hurt!

    Thanks for the updated Dry Falls info. My buddy is heading over there as we speak and he will surely appreciate the information. He doesnt read much on this site, but that may change.
  16. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I sure did like meeting all of you. But did somebody put No-Dose in what I was drinking. I would of stayed and fished if I had gotten some sleep.But with the insomnia I seem to have aquired it wasn't possible. I didn't fall asleep until I got home about 10:00 pm. I think that I was in a daze most of the time.

  17. lotech joe

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    I also had a great time. I missed the festivities on Friday night, and from all indications, I'm probably better off for it. Roper, Xtreme, Backyard, I'm glad I hade the chance to meet you. Pat, Ty and Randy, it was good to see you again. Whitey, Mattzoid, and Oldman, maybe next time. Sorry it didn't happen this time.
    It was a great outing at a beautiful lake, and I managed to get skunked. I had one solid strike trolling deep in the middle of the lake, but didn't manage to hook up. Got some pictures and met some nice people.
    This trip was my first excursion with a float tube. That BIG Waterskeeter Day Tripper is as comfortable as an overstuffed easy chair. But, when you are clear at the other end of the lake and the wind starts blowing the wrong direction, you're in for a long kick back home. I had charlie horses so bad when I returned to the take out, that I couldn't get out of the water without going on all fours. Ask hikepat, he watched me struggle. Thanks hikepat, for saving my pride by not offering to help a fat guy out of the water. That sounds synical, but I mean it. Thanks. All thing considered it was a great time, and I'm sure when I learn to kick better, the DayTripper will perform much better. It's really a great tube. And it was on a beautiful lake.
    Lotech Joe:)
  18. Matt Burke

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    Just an update about that cheap $200 ODC Sport I bought from Outdoor emporium. After 10 hours on Dry Falls, rust started coming through the paint right on the welds. The guy down there said to bring it in, but if I don't get a refund or upgrade, I'm going to make Jim's trucker talk look like childs play. And I'll plaster it all over every site I can find.


    "Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
  19. greyghost

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    Well, sorry we didn't get to fish together, but had a blast chatting around some big flames and pounding beers, with some of you guys Saturday night. Sounds like we missed a hell of a party Friday, but the fishing worldanglr and I had made it bearable: Thanks Sparse, you know some good water, and how to fish it.
    My major dissapointment is that I really wanted to meet the Old Man, and after this weekends tales, I am that much more eager. Anyway, Bhudda, Backyard, Whitey, Rowdy, Hikepat...and anybody else, drop me a line and we'll do some fishing. I try to hit the water at least 4 days a week, even if it's during the middle of the if you wanna do some fishing, you know I'm game.
  20. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    Great fun, great people, and some fishing. What else can I say besides what has already been said. I had a great time and got to meet some more great people....with the exception of Whitney, I missed her??

    Anyways this whole chironomod thing was crazy. Im not sure im game for it yet but I will give it another shot and see if I cant "get into it". I still hold true to my passion (and element) of moving water but it was great to get out and hang out with ya'al. I did learn a few things about lakes and how to fish them....also made myself tie a bunch of chiros for the future??

    Hey Xstream....I couldnt talk cause I was watching my bobber and couldnt break my "ZONE" }( }( }(

    ~Patrick ><>