Team Rugged Dry Falls report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Roper, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. One major thing I came away with this weekend is this:

    If you have twenty feet of leader, a split shot, two flies, a strike indicator, and mad skills like myself....then you are better off to drop your line right over the edge of you boat then try to cast it. I felt like a total wannabe or something?? My casting attempts never even got out of the water.....and Roper has video to prove it :+ :rofl

    Hey Scott.....thanks again!! and is this irafly I keep reading about actually Wallace?? Anyways get ahold of me one of these days so we can hit some of the waters we mentioned??

    ~Patrick ><>
  2. The DF outing sounds like I missed a lot fishing and drinking. Well I do have to say I would have liked to attend the outing, especially since I have yet to meet up with anyone from the site. It was probably due to the holiday weekend and the fact that I went to DF the weekend before that I was unable to get the kitchen pass.

    I will definitely be up for the next outing. I’m sure there will be one on the June 1st opener at a lake in the middle of nowhere. (41 days and counting)I’m sure most of you guys know where I’m talking about, since Whitey has mentioned it more than one time. It an annual thing for my buddies and I. It would be cool to meet some people from the site. :thumb
  3. Well, it sounds like I missed a classic trip. Glad to hear that the social committe covered for me and that all had a good time. Sorry to miss meeting a lot of new folks and seeing old partners in crime.

    Lotechjoe - you have learned the first rule of float tubing "there is no graceful way to exit" and the second is that they were invented for the amusement of those watching. The trick is to be the first one in so you can catch your breath, stand there looking cool and composed and watch the rest of us try to get out.:D

    Looking forward to the next gathering.

  4. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Well if you would of been there friday in the P/M you would of had a vintage old man show. I also have a new float tube and I also tried to float away in it but it was not to be. I pumped it up and thought that I had enough air in it but alas I did not. But I tried to put my butt in it and all it did was sink. Since I'm also on the big side I had to sit in the water to take my fins off. I guess that I was heard all over the lake. Saying @#%%%%*^xxx. And the like. Now I'm afraid to go out in it at all. Afraid it might sink again. But I think that I'm smarter than a float tube.:dunno :bawling

  5. Bart,
    Thanks! Upon rememberance, the chuckle made the read well worth while. The thought of the site of me wallering out of the water like a beached walrus made me smile again.
    Lotech Joe:rofl
  6. Being the one watching you get out of the float tube and meeting you for the first time I have two things to say. First I do not feel that you are very old at all. Second you did just fine getting out of the tube. We all are a little shakey getting out of the water and back to dry land. It takes a few minutes or so to get the land legs back. Since I do not use a tube but use a kayak it my arms that get sore myself. After rowing around a lake all day I have had my arms be so sore that its hard to lift the kayak back to my truck. Maybe one of us should write a book.Fly Fishing lakes to get into shape. I wonder if I could sell enough copies to quite my job and retire?;)

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