Teanaway River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by TomB, Jun 10, 2002.

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    Does anybody on this board fish the Teanaway in the summer? I know the flows are high right now, but I plan on heading out there in a couple weeks to give it a whirl. I was wondering about the whole system, but the upper north fork in particular (Esmeralda Basin). Also has anybody fished ingalls lake, heard it had rainbow? If anybody has experience here, information would be greatly appreciated. My Email is Tbuehrens@aol.com. Thanks.
    Thomas :YUM
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    yeah - fished the teanaway. lots of little bows.
  3. Tom Merrill Member

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    I've fished mostly the middle fork. The areas of the south fork I've seen looked rather sterile and I've never turned nor seen a fish. I have never tried up very far however. Does anyone know if it improves? The middle fork has been fairly productive for me. Nothing large. Lots of little ones topping out at around 12 or 13" if you're fortunate. I suspect there are larger ones in there. The south fork has a few brookies in the one stretch I've fished.

    Anyone have any additional info.

    P.S. Fish the Middle Fork in late June before the water really drops low. I've had better success then.

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    The Teanaway sucks. No, not really..I dont know.
    I pulled over and fished the lower river near I-90 once cuz it looked fishy...but no. As for Ingalls Lake, there are no rainbows..but plenty (some years) of cutthroat..Pretty fish with lots of red on em at times. But there are much better fishing high lakes not far from there that I wont tell you about. Mile for mile though, dont go to Ingalls for the fishing. It aint an easy walk (but very beautiful) I highly recommend going there for its beauty. But when you get there, look northwest about 3miles the way the crow flies, and really get into some unbelievably nice fishing
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    I caught a big one a couple of years ago somewhere on the middle fork - in the fall at low water, it a slot in the rocks. Caught on a caddis style dry, it was about 17". It fought like a madmad, which was totally cool on a 4/5 wt rod with the river so small. When I reached down to remove the hook after landing it, it took off (it was in about 1" water). I had to jump up to save my rod from going with him, and snaped ther fly off. It was the most memorable trout I have caught.