Teardrop Trailer

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  1. Nice work Mike, great hatch back, slide out stove table and very good interior finishing. You should be spending a lot of nights between fishing outings in that baby. What does the misses think?
  2. Ed the wife says no potty, no go. :} Jerry this may be the web site you are refering to. You can find my build thread under "fishfinder" http://www.mikenchell.com/forums/ This is a best site I ever found for TD builds and information.

  3. Yup, that's it. It's the sister site to camp cook and tearjerkers.
  4. Mike,
    Is the construction plywood? Looks like maybe rigid foam sandwich?
  5. Mike, did you think about raising the mattress off the floor? Seems like it might give better insulation as well as provide a storage area.
  6. Let's see. Yes it is built out of plywood. The floor is 1/2 inch plywood. The right and left sides are 3/4" A/C plywood. The front and top is a sandwich constrution. Luan + 1x2" spars + luan. The spars are spaced 10" apart. Foam insulation is placed between each spar.

    The underside of the floor is covered with asphalt paint to act as an undercoating. I placed a indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor below the matress. I had considered a raised platform and dismissed it. Instead I built a 12x12x5' box to hold some of my gear.

    Any builder could design their TD to their own specs
  7. How wide is it Mike? Four feet? or a little more. 8 feet length also? Nice job.
  8. That is some very nice work; love the Galley, sliding stove set-up. Serious Fish Bum set-up!
  9. 4 x 8 in order to use standard materials.

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