NFR Teddy Roosevelt award winner goes too....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Trustfunder, May 8, 2013.

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    Since your giveing free advice, could you diagnose my problems using your internet methods to evaluate people you most likely never met ???? I already know I'm a asshole, 2 ex-wifes have confirmed this!!!!
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    My uncle raised sheep out side of rickreal oregon and use to pay me to shoot coyotes to keep them off the livestock. So farmers shooting animals to protect thier live stock is nothing new.
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    Crustblunder, you really need to find a book..."How to Make Friends and Influence People". Your methods thus far are not very impressive. I do agree with the point about Flyborg though. Other than that, you blew it.
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    Trustfunder and your followers, this is for you:
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    Before the wolves you could have hunted elk in Gardiner with a rake, maybe you still can. Haven't seen it in a while. At least you need a rifle for the wolves.
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    Flyborg doesn't need any help. He posts some of the best stuff on these otherwise fucked up wolf threads.
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    That is classic. Mental and I mean that in the best sense of the word, disturbing but a quality laugh.

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    In parity to the mentalness of Flyborg's 'art' that's now scarred me for life, your comments are plain, sad, mental in a bad way but your monicker suggests that don't you have anything better to do than troll and then insult a few folks? A wee bit bitter? It's funny, I don't know the peeps you're on about personally but have read enough of their posts to understand they're hairy arsed enough to be laughing at this, if indeed they bothered reading on.

    I've almost fell for the last bit too, a true quality troll.

    Really, we should all help a prog such as the one our friendly moderator, Jerry D's, involved with. Project Healing Waters. It actually really makes a difference to many incredible heroes who need our help: why not bless it with $, spare gear, your time or a combo rather than fake sanctmony (there I bit, I've been known to like lattes too). JD's a great guy and I'm sure appreciates all the help this program can get. Maybe it'll heal you a bit too? I've procrastinated forever about doing something to help . Thanks at least for prompting me to finally do something.

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    Most excellent post Dave. Well struck.
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    Trustfunder is right, you guys don't get it. As a taxpayer you will however pay the brilliant rancher for his dozen sheep and reward him with authority to take two wolves!! So, he loses a dozen sheep, we pay him for the sheep, and he gets to kill two wolves. Pretty simple really...that's how government fixes things.
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    Rolf, we get it and the govt always sticks it to the taxpayer. We also get the BS that Trustfunder slings towards others at every turn. He is an entitled one that is above challenge or he will take shots at others like Kerry and Kent.
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    I respect some of your comments. As fellow taxpayer, we're all together in a lot of things we don't like re fed/state gov. A lot of things piss me off other than the usual hot button issues. Some may include old dams, mining, oil, forestry and say grazing rights on fed land that seems to be given for a song but the f'ups we all pay for, always and seemingly forever. Let companies/farmers/foresters pay for it at the true market value (and/or have adequate insurance). If beef then costs a fortune then we'll eat chicken or pig or dare I say it veg...or buy it cheaper from Argentina, it's a global free market economy afterall. Take what you want at the price that's fair to all, e.g don't f'ing rip off the owners without a say; i.e. you and me and us. Socialist, but in the most base sense so lunatics may pause to understand this. Why should I have no choice other than give it away for almost nothing to let others profit hugely and then I/we pay (read Feds) have to clean up the shit, total madness.

    Rather than bitch about few wolves, the gays of the animal world in my mind given the full on political craziness they brings out in folks, I really don't care. It's fly fishing forum for goodness sake! I for one really don't give a shit about wolves, nasty slavering, stinky things that they are. They're wild beasties, that live in the wild and they piss off some folks but a very few folks on this site seem obsessed with them. They haven't eaten someone for ages (how many folks are savaged by dogs each yr?) and farmers get compensated and if hunters have to walk more than 5 miles from their rig in a day, well that's why they call it hunting not shooting, to paraphrase. I'll bet there'll be sites showing that lassie causes more deaths a yr to flocks than Lupi and of course there''ll the opposite so we don't know.

    We're all pissed off with the gov, I think that's always been the case but the underlying trend demonstated in this original post is shit, who really cares ? It was started on bollocks politico points scoring.

    The mods should have shot it down like a bear, lion, sea lion, wolf, badger,otter (nod to Ed C), gerbil, hamster that's been covered in other 'classic' posts about the wonderful fishing of Washington and ways to 'fend/fuck' off the critters that may wander by. I'd be stunned if 1% of the WFF comunity actually cared that much about any 'wolf' issue in this context. I don't get it at all.

    Who's caught a nice fish recently off the lakes or looking forward to summer steel or even a pink? Lone almost stunk for me recently,


    PS why did the frog walk to work?

    It's car was toad

    Off to bed....
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    The dog is 195 pound Newfoundland. He doesn't think he needs a hair cut. If you think he needs a trim come on up and give him one. He won't mind. He will sit there calmly, slobbering, wagging his tail while you cut his fur and won't do a thing to harm you. His owner, on the other hand, will fuck you up if you as much as lay a hand on that dog.
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    Crazy!!!! ....... 'Nurse Ratched!!,... someone needs their meds immediatley!'

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    I don't mind sheep and cattle ranchers killing wolfs but why does the guy have to bait them? I don't get that. I also don't understand the giggly glee some get at killing wolfs.
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    I am amazed that the wolf draws so much emotion on both sides.
    We moved to Arizona a few months ago and the issue here is the Mexican Wolf that used to roam much of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico. There have been a few new re-introductions both in AZ and NM in the last few weeks. The issue is not so volatle here in this area but there are still a lot of wolf haters.
    Here is something interesting:
    The Lion population in Arizona is 2500-3000 animals and the ADGF (game and fish) estimates that they kill one large prey an average of every 10-12 days. That is conservatively 6000 large prey a month (deer or elk + mix in a few coyotes and some peccaries.) Nobody seems to have a problem with that.
    The wolf population in Arizona is 25. They may kill 50 large prey a month and 200 people showed up at a recent meeting in our area to protest or encourage the recent re-introduction.
    Lions are not protected and the hunter depredation keeps the number fairly stable. Lions kill more domestic animals and have had way more human interaction than Wolves but no one is clamoring to eradicate Lions.
    I don't get it.
    Maybe if the Little Red Riding Hood story would have been written about mountain Lions????
    It is all about the mystique of the Lobo. When I read western novels there is often a scene of the few cowboys around a campfire surrounded by a dozen yellow eyed monster Lobos.
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    I think you and your pooch need to go to Montana and take Trustfunder "wolf" hunting. He likes baiting--bait him. Everybody knows I'm just kidding, right? Sorry, Ed. Really.

    In my view, if you are sacrificing sheep and using them as bait, it says 2 things about you and neither are connected to one of our greatest presidents. 1. You are cheating the government and taxpayers if you file a claim. And, 2. You are NOT a hunter!


    Great post. You need a few more trustfunders down there to make it really "interesting". And, Jesse, are the wolves from Mexico pretty much respecting the border or are we actually keeping some "illegals" out?
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    I'd pay to see Kerry 'bate Trustfunder :)

    Teddy Roosevelt was an elk hunter, but he was also a "greenie" and a progressive. I find it amusing that such a great individual (and a personal hero) is so often misused as a bannerman of fucktardery and blatant ass-banditry by drooling imbeciles too fucking stupid to know anything more about the man than that he was an elk hunter.
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    …..:) We could use a few Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt these days