NFR Teddy Roosevelt award winner goes too....

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  1. Lugan

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    Seriously. Democrats too!
  2. Billy McFly

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    No doubt! - I should have made that clear - - Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right here I am............
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  3. KerryS

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    Be something akin to sand papering a tiger's ass or beatin' off a bobcat with a handful of tacks. Sorry to disapoint but I do my fuckin' with from afar; 25.06.
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  4. Rather than start another wolf thread, I figure this is as good a thread as any to inject some facts about the recently completed wolf hunting and trapping season in Idaho.

    It seems that trappers have pretty much indiscriminantly butchered a large number of animals caught in their traps. In the ocean, they call it 'by-catch.'

    Here's the brief article from HCN:

    Here are some of the figures:
    45; 33 White-tailed deer caught; released alive *
    45; 1 Coyotes caught; released alive *
    9; 3 Mountain lions caught; released alive *
    9; 7 Domestic pets caught; released alive *
    39; 22 Other non-target animals caught, including bobcats, geese, skunks, raccoons, golden eagles and ravens; released alive *

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  5. bennysbuddy

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    I learned in the third grade at school that he was also elected to president of the United States of America besides being an Elk hunter & seeing that Yellowstone be came a national park, Does this mean I'm not a Fucktardery blatant ass inbecile or what?
  6. GAT

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    Bully I say... Bully.
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  7. Ed Call

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    Today I fished briefly and intermittently on my way south. Three running waters, each gave up a trout to this unskilled speed caster. I saw no wolves. I felt no fear.
  8. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    You went south? Coward! Real men fish in the wolf-infested reaches of the Teanaway.
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  9. GAT

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    I spray myself with wolf repellent and have yet to see a wolf in the wild so obviously, the spray works. I also spray myself with bear, cougar, hyena, rhinoceros and tyrannosaurus rex repellent and haven't seen any of those either.
  10. Preston

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    Particularly of local importance, TR also established the Olympic National Monument (1909) which would, in time, become Olympic National Park. His primary purpose in setting up the monument was to provide a measure of protection for what would come to be identified as, and named, Cervus canadensis roosevelti, the largest of the four surviving subspecies of elk. Elk were under seige by commercial hunters of the day, largely for their teeth which were absolutely de rigeur for the adornment of the watch chains of members of the Elks Club.
  11. GAT

    GAT Active Member

    Those damned Elks! :D I once was a member but forgot the secret handshake so they booted me out of the herd.
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  12. Ed Call

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    Can't fish the Wolfy Teanaway and coach my team in Corvalis. I'll get my bravery back and come that way sometime soon.
  13. Porter

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    Thank you! .....I hate rattlers and now you just gave me something else to worry about. :( They probably have a huge mile count hunting radius too.....:eek:
  14. Irafly

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    Last night a wolf attacked my family, so I had to tackle it and break its neck. Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I figured the thing would be tougher but I think it was all bark and snarl. He showed up on the edge of our field while my boy was out there looking for field mice (he planned to skin them and then use the fur to dress some of his Duplo people). At first while standing up at the house I thought that it was just the neighbors dog but once it dropped down into a crouch and started slinking toward my son I knew I'd need to act fast. For some reason my shot gun was broken down and the shells were buried in a closet so I just jumped out there unarmed. Again for some weird reason my wife was already out there with my other son and the wolf was standing in between her and the field mice hunter. The wolf sprang toward my son and I arrived in time to catch it in mid air. I grabbed its muzzle in one hand and quickly tucked it under my right leg and at the same moment I thrust my left leg over its body around its neck and using a deft turning motion with my arms and legs I snapped its neck.

    Only two beers before bed and these are the dreams I'm having? I'm blaming it on these dang threads! Trustfunder you owe me a good night of sleep.
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  15. Trustfunder

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    Hey, why don't all you comics on here go pool your funds, because you know what's best and buy a wolf wintering range.... then I might drink your Kool-aid. Otherwise go do your hippie shit.
  16. nomlasder

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    The Associated Press BOZEMAN, Mont. — Billionaire Ted Turner can keep his Yellowstone National Park bison calves.The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports ( in a story published Sunday that Gallatin County Judge Holly Brown dismissed a request by a coalition of wildlife advocates to overturn an agreement Turner made with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.The agreement transferred dozens of bison to Turner's private ranch near Bozeman to be taken care of for five years. In exchange, Turner gets 75 percent of their offspring, or about 150 animals.Four wildlife groups that opposed the transfer filed a lawsuit contending the animals are a public resource that should be shielded from privatization. The suit's plaintiffs said the state should either move the animals onto public land or pay Turner to take care of them rather than give up their young as compensation.Brown in her decision three weeks ago said state lawmakers gave the state wildlife agency broad decision making authority in the management of bison."The court cannot substitute its judgment for that of the agency by determining whether the department's decision was correct," she wrote.The plaintiffs, Western Watersheds Project, the Buffalo Field Campaign, the Gallatin Wildlife Association and the Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation, said they will appeal.Tens of millions of bison once roamed North America, but they were driven to near-extinction in the late 19th century. Yellowstone's 3,000 bison comprise one of the largest remaining populations in the world."The simple truth is that management of Yellowstone bison is no easy task, from either a logistical standpoint or a public relations one," Brown wrote. "Yellowstone bison arouse great passions from individuals and groups across the spectrum."
    Read more here:

    I am sure there is a wolf issue somewhere here.
  17. KerryS

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    Now that is one snappy come back.........:eek:
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  18. Billy McFly

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    Can you remind me??....What's hippie shit again?
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  19. Roger Stephens

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    Your comments are a "real piece of work" but this one takes the prize:rolleyes:!

  20. bennysbuddy

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    The real danger on the teanaway river is this crazy middle aged tenkara fisherman & his jade hunting female companion who hangs out in a tent trailer thru out the summer. Run if you see they they normaly camp near the Shoe tree!!!!