Temple dog intruders

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Pat Lat, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Playing with some more steelhead flies. These are a mixture of temple dog, amherst tail fibers, peacock herl and lite bright, tied on senyo shanks. I usually like to tie more imitative rather than attractor style flies, but I guess since steelhead is a whole different game than trout or beach fishing, I guess i can throw together some half chickens (or dogs in this case) for the cause. comments and critique welcome. IMAG0053.jpg IMAG0050.jpg
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  2. My comment -- "Mail me that blue one."
  3. Ha, I'll hand deliver them if you help me put them in front of some steel.

  4. Sounds like a deal!

    Seriously, those are nice looking bugs. And I do plan to make it to your side of the state (OP) a couple of times this year. Of course I'm planning to fish places I have not fished before....so it might not be a good trade :)
  6. Yeah they are hollow i guess you could say, intruders are basically two bunches of material tied to a shank, the middle of the shank is diamond braid. They actually look a lot more sparse when you hold them up to the light, but I think the camera picks up all the flash and makes them look solid.
    Heres a better pick of one of my favorite color combos. I call it "the roses" in the hopes that a fish might take the time to stop and smell it. IMG_8725.JPG
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  7. Nice flies! I have the Chris Mann Book and really have started to admire the Euro and Eastern Canandian style of salmon flies. This past year I started to fish the Temple Dog style for West Coast Steel.

  8. 'The Rose' will catch fish Pat!

    Here one I tied yesterday not for steelhead but just for trout.
  9. Nice job, Pat. You got talent.
  10. Well Robbert, your picture of a royal coachman in a thread about intruders was apparently the random, non-linear thought process I needed to create this...
    The royalcoachtruder. I think I see a new type of monthly salon in the future. Something like, pick two flies and see who can tie the best amalgamation.
  11. "random, non-linear thought process"

    good name for a fly
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  12. Yes indeed it was... when trout meets steelhead.
    Nice Royal Truder

    Keep tying them up and think always out of the box... lol
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