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  1. Ha! I love the gun cabinet idea. You're a genius.
    I camped a few weeks ago and pulled into 'my' campsite and .......whoa! some newbies had set up an a frame popup while I was up paying for my site.
    It looked pretty perfect, although they were apologetic and obviously struggling a little with their first setup.
    I am currently on a 'modified teardrop' crusade but if (when) I eventually tire of chasing the dream of towing perfection I will probably
    look very hard at the a frame pop up. The demo videos are pretty amazing.
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  2. I have a couple that you could borrow. I've used a lot of tents for a lot of types of trips. In 4 person sizes I like my Marmot Limelight. I have a Mountain Hardware for person tent too. I'm not sure which. Both will house two and gear well. Neither are fully standing capable. I have spent a few bouts in friends MSR four person tents. Like them a lot too.
  3. Your question regarding tents prompted me to search web sites for a new tent for me (not that I need a new tent, but what the Hell). I found a tent at REI that I ended up buying. It arrived today and I set it up and I am very pleased with the tent and the price I paid. The tent is a Big Agnes Mad House 4 (four person tent) and REI is selling the tent for $167 - a 50% reduction in price. The next lowest price I could find on the web for the Mad House 4 was $225. I don't know why REI is selling this tent at such a low price but I am happy I discovered it. You can check out reviews of the tent at REI and Amazon. The tent appears to be very well made, has lots of room (49+ square feet) and should meet my camping needs for the next few years.
  4. Well, adding to what others have said on this. I've owned most camping things over the years (from all style tents, popup trailer, to standard trailers and camper/popup campers). It's funny that I always go back to a tent. Always. I love my camper, especially my Alaskan. But when I'm on remote fishing trips where weight in the truck can make difference between getting your boat in or out, I like not having it in. Wall tents, yeah, they are a bitch. But only would use them on long trips. Not pack and go.

    I did make a big score. Will be my hopefully long term tent. Just picked up a Cabelas 6 man Guide tent. Only paid $50 for it. Needed new zippers put in. Only cost me $60 to have it done. So for $110 I just picked up a $500 tent. Onto how many they sleep. LOLOLOLOL. I even saw schematics on my new tent. No way you'd ever sleep 6 in there unless you were hurting for space (4 side by side and 1 at everyones heads and other at everyones feet). I'd say 3 is more like it. And how I want to use it, I'd say it's more of a 2 man tent. Which is fine with me. Since the tent I'm replacing (which was destroyed by someones dog) was a 6 man as well and I only ever slept 2 out of it. What I do like about the Cabelas tent (and I did research on it as well), it truly is a 4 season tent and made to withstand the elements. So very happy about that.
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  5. I've got 5 or 6 tents, but the one I use most by far is my wall tent. Maybe because I use it so much, I don't understand the aversion to wall tents. I can set mine up by myself in about 30 minutes. If my brother is with me, it takes about 15. I then have a great little home with kitchen, wood stove, where I can stand up in, cook in, and a great place to sleep (on a cot with a Big Bertha mattress), eat, or just hang out. Mine has 3 windows and a rain fly. (There's another thread on here about wall tents if you want more info and photos)

    I've thrown mine on mules, in the back of my truck, and set it up in all sorts of places in all sorts of weather from +100 to -30).

    Maybe it's because I typically spend about 10 - 12 weeks a year in a wall tent and I'm used to it, but as far as I'm concerned, if I'm not backpacking, that's what I use. When I guided Smith River trips we set up and tore down a wall tent every day and moved it to the next camp site.

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  6. I have the REI Kingdom 6 and I love it.
  7. I'm with you Trapper!
    We used to use our burro to haul our wall tent. We didn't make him pack the stove though -we were "going light" when we used Max for packing us in. Besides, he had to carry most everything else in for us too, and then hopefully pack out our deer.
    It was a problem when we had to cross a creek. Max wouldn't wade. He'd just rear back and make a mighty leap in the hopes he'd make it to the other side. We tied a mean diamond hitch to keep everything on him!
    I miss those days.
    R.I.P. Max!

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