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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, May 19, 2009.

  1. anybody want to do a swap on summer top water critters? i haven't done one in quite sometime so when i get home next week i'll be in the mood to tie. i would like to do 10 people 1 patterns each. any terrestrial, i don't care. i will make the due date, to me, july 31. if anyone is not familiar how this stuff works then just ask.
  2. I'm in Mike pattern TBD!!
  3. I'm in, pattens flying ant and a loco beetle
  4. Count me in. Foam beetle and foam ant.
  5. so.......so far we have:

    myself- cdc beetle - done
    pat m - undetermined
    sean k - flying ant - got 'em
    chris reagan - foam beetle/foam ant - got 'em
    casey weed - hopper - got 'em
    bouface - deer hair beetle - got 'em
    CONNOR H - beetles - got 'em
    p.e.i. fish finder - ?
    ozcast - ?
    western - parachute ant - got 'em
  6. here is a prototype of the ant. Mike I have seen some of your flys on the site and you are pretty much the man at the vise so critisize pls. What I am thinking is to shorten the wing and move them a bit down the sides of the fly.
  7. I'm in if you don't mind a fairly newbie tier. I'm thinking I will do a grasshopper pattern, and if we do two patterns I'll have to think up another one. Let me know.
  8. yeah i would definately shorten the wings some
  9. ok, I think I've settled on my second fly being a spider pattern.
  10. i tell you what......lets just make this simple and keep it to one pattern. the deadline will still be the same though.
  11. Its up to you swapmeister. If thats the case I am undecited what pattern I am going to go with out of the two. I need some more loco foam so once I get that and tie a few up Ill decide.
  12. does a mosquito count as a terrestrial?
  13. I'd like to do the swap, if you don't mind having a first-time swapper, long-time tyer in the swap. I'll look over my flies tonight and decide what I'll do.
    Micah (bouface)
  14. sorry but a mosquito does not quite fit the bill
  15. cool......that's six now
  16. Connor Is in! I will tie up a tube hopper if that is alright?
  17. alright thats fine ill join if i find a pattern, what do you recomend?
  18. Ill join if there is still room.
  19. May I join your swap? Pattern Parachute Ant
  20. I'll tie a deer hair beetle for the swap.

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