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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, May 19, 2009.

  1. it does not matter. if you fish terrestrials then just tie a pattern that's affective for you. otherwise any beetle, cicada, hopper, cricket, ant, etc. will do.
  2. Or a termite. I'm hoping someone will throw in a nice termite pattern for the swap!
  3. alright this swap is closed. even though there is not a big hurry to meet the deadline. the quicker i get them the sooner they go out and see water. when you are ready to ship them let me know and i will pm my address.
  4. im in ill either tie a bettle or a termite
  5. accually guys hows this? i got the pattern from a past swap.
  6. looks more like a caddis then a "land based insect", anyway, Ill tie a "Peacock Madam X on crack"
  7. well its the dark and ugly without the crazy legs that sean k i think tied in the yakima swap. i still have some adjustments to it like the bullet head and the crazy legs
  8. Well here is my first attempt. As i said before, I am new to tying and this pattern has proven more difficult than I thought. Your critiques are welcome. I'm thinking I need more dubbing under the post, and the wing needs to be down closer to the body (although I don't think a fish will notice that with it's view from the bottom)
  9. Looks pretty good! I agree that you should add more dubbing, esp. around the post, to create a more tapered head. Also, I'd wrap the parachute hackle closer to the body so it floats higher.
  10. so am i in or not?
  11. yes you are. you are on the list of players on the first page
  12. alright ill tie a stimulator
  13. The Parachute Ant's are ready to ship. Address please.
  14. heres my pattern. ill do my hackle at top better though
  15. Hey guys, I was just thinkin'... I just tied some tube hoppers and realized that the quality just isn't there. Would anyone care if I switched my pattern to a drunken humpy? I could also throw in a BH drowned hopper for those that would want it...
  16. doesn't matter if you switch as long as it qualifies as a terrestrial
  17. just got westerns real nicely tied parachute ants. great work!
  18. Would a Drunken' Humpy count? jw
  19. no clue what that is
  20. Really Mike? I thought these were a staple everywhere large browns are caught?!?!

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