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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Zen Piscator, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know this guy? I'll be calling him to ask him to not keep wild steelhead tomorrow. I think thats really unexcusable for a guide to be promoting that kind of thing.
  2. Let me get this straight. You are going to call a guy about a legally (?) retained fish. But hoisting a native fish out of the water, which is unlawful, to have a pic taken with it is a joke, re; Jergens fish. "Supporting wild steelhead," must be what you do when you lift them out of the water. Thank God you never dropped one while you were trying to get the pic. Must be the special gloves.
  3. Legality does not dictate morality.

    Good on ya' Zen. I may just ask him to do the same.

  4. at 2:56 "Do you wanna keep him." Only after the fish has been dragged on board and flopping around for 20 seconds.

    I sure hope this guide dosen't bring all the steelhead onboard and then ask this with every steelhead!

    New title Wild Steelhead... a dead one!
  5. I know its perfectly legal but its also perfect wrong. Its a choice that the guide has and I'm hoping that if he hears from enough people he will choose to release the fish he catches.
  6. Actually, by the letter of the law, if you bring it on the boat you *must* retain it.... As far as I'm concerned, it's not cool to promote this, but then again it is legal :(
  7. This particular issue is a neat bit of debate, but there is a huge difference between 100% mortality due to catch and kill and increased mortality due to rough handling. Besides, if done properly, a quickly landed fish, and gently handled will have much lower mortality than one would expect. I don't advocate it as ever lil bit helps, but seriously, let's not try to draw parallels between these things...
  8. I dont even think there is a question that they must keep the fish! Sad that it was bonked, but to even ask the question pisses me off!!!
  9. iagree

    i think this video shows exactly why that law exists, to prevent the fish those guys boated from being released, i'd rather see it kept than thrown back in to die. i agree with mello that a properly landed fish has an incredibally high survival rate if you know how to handle one (dont bring it in your boat, be sure to land it in the water, etc..)
  10. It's very clear in the reg's:

    On page 24 of the 2007 regulations you will see the handling rules.

    Once that fish was removed from the water, it had to be retained if legal to do so. If it was going to be released, then the law would have been broken by removing it from the water. The quide should have asked if the client was going to keep it before removing it from the water, to be legal.


    FRESHWATER: It is unlawful to totally
    remove salmon, steelhead, or Dolly Varden/Bull trout
    from the water if it is unlawful to retain those fish,
    or if the angler subsequently releases the salmon,
    steelhead, or Dolly Vardon/Bull trout.

    Rick AKA Steelie Addict
  11. Well he viloated the law with this one.

  12. Good call, sent him an email.
  13. here we go again.........................
  14. Ringlee thanks for the research. I called you earlier today, gimme a ring and we will distroy everything this man owns. Actually I just want him to understand the law and be more observant, because he makes his living from the fishery.
  15. yeah. keeping wild steelhead anywhere is in my opinion inexcusable.
  16. ah come on Zen!!!! Destroying everything this man owns would be a lot more fun wouldn't it????
  17. It's not a moral issue. It's about being good stewards of a fishery. If the regs say don't remove the fish from the water, even for pictures, don't remove the fish from the water. There is probably some other hot-headed hypocrite out there looking at all the pictures of wild fish being hoisted out of the water for pictures and thinking " I'm going to go bust that guys stuff up."
    Seems some folks ascribed to "relative stewardship, (morality)"
    With a name like Zen, you should know that carmadic justice will be serve.
  18. Man if I was haulin' in a nice size wild steelhead and had Credence playing in the background I would probably get so excited I would whack it too!

  19. jbuehler,

    I am, to say the least, somewhat confused about your post. Earlier you hijacked the Deercreek TFO thread to go on and on about the sancity of the fish and the stream. Now you are advocating the killing of wild steelhead. It matters not the location, nor the legality, the killing of wild steelhead is morally reprehensible . In order to provide consistency, may I suggest that you cease smoking/drinking you lunch. On second thought perhaps you should partake on a regular basis. It might mellow you out.

    I also have a suggestion in referance to your earlier post regarding a pissing match:

    If you are going to engage in a VERBAL pissing match it is advisable to use your big head rather than the little one.
  20. Thanks for the note. You love fishing and steelheading very much...thank you. I catch and handle a lot of fish...we keep a lot but we also let many more go back. Our fisheries managers have our regulation set so we can keep fish where is is safe to do so and in quantities that are safe for the river system. Our wild Steelhead are begining to thrive again and I think we should all be proud of the many, many, many Steelhead that we have released...

    Here is the response to the email I sent him. I did point out that he could not release the fish once he netted and boated it. Looks like he is also using a nylon knotted net? He deals with fishing daily but what I am hearing is not the steelhead are thriving?

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