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  1. Looks like a common theme of Breaking the law in these videos.
    Check out how long the fish is out of the Water. Solid 20 seconds No wonder it is struggling at the end.
  2. At least he took his boat to the shore to get the fish. It is not like he netted the fish and brought the fish in the boat then released the fish, it is just a case of taking a trophy shot, which I dont mind if precautions are taken not to keep the fish out of water too long (hold you breath, and dont keep it out longer than you are holding your breath) and make sure not to hurt its slime layer.

    Take a look at the picture of the wild steelhead kept:
    1) tackle fisherman
    2) big cooler in the background
  3. check your PMs
  4. You did see the big cooler in the background right? I think his asking the client if he wanted to keep it was rhetorical. The clip that showed him releasing the steelhead is very similiar to fly fisherman releasing steelhead in states that dont have the "cant take a picture of a fish out of water". I kind of doubt from the way he rowed to shore and released the fish that he would of released the kept fish.
  5. Does holding the fish by the tail in the water and pumping it back and forth (so called fish cpr) help in reducing lactic acid buildup?

  6. 2 coxs in the wrong hole.... :rofl::rofl::rofl: Their acting SUCKS though..
  7. Poaching Report Form Results
    Below is what you submitted to enforcement-web@dfw.wa.gov on Friday, November 16, 2007 at 08:04:14


    First Name: Scott

    Last Name: Keith

    Violation Month: March

    Violation Day: 4

    Violation Year: 2007

    Violation Time: 8

    AM/PM: AM



    Marine Area Code:

    Nearest Town:

    Specific Location: Olympic Peninsula

    Type of Violation: Removing wild fish from the water and releasing it

    Species: Sport Foodfish

    Suspect 1 First Name: Mark

    Suspect 1 Last Name: Coleman

    Other Info: Shows him bringing a wild steelhead into the boat and then asking the client if he wants to keep it.

    shows the client removing a wild steelhead out of the water, then releasing it.

    It is legal to retain wild steelhead on this river, however removing a wild steelhead from the water and then releasing it is illegal. The video is from all rivers guide service. http://www.allriversguideservice.com/


    We'll see what WDFW says about it...
  8. Only thing I really benifited from on this post was while viewing that video, I found this one. This video made me forget all about the first video...
  9. Could be those videos were taken before the handling rules were enacted. I didn't watch them all so don't know if there was a date stamp on the vids. Just because he joined in '07 doesn't mean the vids were shot then. Fire at will.

    Just sayin'.
  10. To see a piece of now rare genetic code, removed from it’s specifically coded water, is just beyond the realm of imagination. And to think that just a couple years from now someone will say, “Yeah, I think you can still go on youtube and pull up footage of some of the last original steelhead actually being destroyed before there were only hatchery fish in this river.”
  11. Scott,
    I sent an email to enforcement-web@dfw.wa.gov.
    The common theme throughout these videos is poor handling of Wild Steelhead. All of the videos show a fish lifted out of the water. I know this happens... But to put it on the internet to promote business is inexcusable.
  12. iagree

    i sent an email to that adress as well. having spent last winter on the OP i would definately say that guides doing this is not the norm. to be honest i watched gear guys catch and release fish without a photo about 90 percent of the time.
  13. j/k = JOKE, he was not being serious.
  14. I think it's dumb to have a law stating you can't lift a fish out of the water for a picture. I think it would be in the fisheries best interest to not have a law like this. Think about it. A lot of guys want a trophy. If they can't at least have a picture they are much more likely to bonk the fish and that is 100% sure mortality. I think allowing anglers a picture (as long as they stay in the river so the fish doesn't get banged up on the rocks/beach) is by far the lesser of 2 evils and should not only be legal, but encouraged as a way to promote C & R.
  15. so your logic is that these guys will break a bigger law (bonking wild fish) to avoid breaking the law not allowing them to be removed from the water? not quite followin. you can still get a pic of your fish without removing it from the water
  16. It's not illegal to bonk wild fish. There are restrictions in a number of places, andbut everyone has a catch limit.
  17. All RIver Guide Vigilante justice...

    TURN HIM INTO THE FISH AND GAME! KILL HIM, MURDER HIM! (this is the guide in the you tube video referenced in "horrible steelhead video", realized I didnt make it clear)

    Errrr, oops!! I called him up to politely ask him if he was aware of the Washington law prohibiting taking fish out of the water to photograph and then release.... turns out those you tube videos are 4 or 5 years old....OOPS! I did tell him wild steelhead were part of the endangerered species act (under threatened) and he said he kills only a couple a year and the government wouldnt allow the take of wild steelhead, then mentioned the netting of wild steelhead by tribes.

    Maybe we went a bit overboard???
  18. Post number #47 on the topic of the "Terrilble Steelhead Video" is a super risky post to be left on the site, and very sickening...just a heads up. There are several other post that are slander, un-professional and down right sick. This is a serious topic, we dont need that.

    For the record, the reason why I asked my client again about whether or not he was sure he wanted the fish was just that...to make sure. If he said no, (even though his goal of the day was to potentially keep a wild fish where legal to do so) I would have put it back if he'd had changed his mind regardless of the law. You have to be sure when keeping these fish.

    ...so again, that fish was PRE-DETERMINED to be kept before I netted it, I just wanted to be sure. 95% of my other trips durng that time of year, we go to the shore for wild steelhead, picture and release, and this is a personal rule...even though I probably loose trips becuase of it.

    If you guys knew me professionally and knew that I kept maybe 3 wild steelhead out of 200+ trips last year and let many, many more go...you would not be treating me this way. Also, most of the folks out there do know who I am and know that I do practice conservation and care very much for the fisheries world-wide. Do you know that I'm an active member of the Coastal Conservation Association, and I also try to get more anglers to join each day.

    If any one of you knew me personally, and what Im about, you would feel ingnorant for the things you have said about me. The YouTube video say's nothing to promote keeping wild steelhead nor was the the intention. That video was on there for almost 10 months and nobody even notice the little adipose fin on that fish until someone here made a big deal about it. It was about a fishing trip.

    I'm also a bit suprised especially since no one knows that my videos were taking over the course of 5 years...yes, many of them BEFORE the recent rule changes of removing fish from the river, and releasing wild steelhead, etc...oh.

    Im on the river almost every fishable day and I'll tell you what...the biologist/fish checkers that I run into at the end of each day are happy to see a few wild steelhead kept so they can take their samples and records. The WDFW has set the rules and regs for wild steelhead retention that are safe for the river systems that are open to do so. In this day and age they are not going to let us do something to hurt what fisheries we still have. Everone is so afraid they say...its Ok to follow the rules.

    You are spending an awful lot of time working on a conservative guide over one wild fish you saw on YouTube. What about gill netting?

    Did you know that when everyone banded together a few years ago and created the Statewide Steelhead Moratorium it actually allowed for many, many more wild steelhead for net fisherman in Washington State? One net takes 10 + wild steelhead each day...one net!

    Thank you,

  19. My post is sickening??? How is it super risky? What part of my post is not true? Does the video not show a client removing a steelhead from the water? Is that not against WDFW rules? I put NO personal opinion in the post. I put factual observation and left it up to WDFW to decide if they are going to take any action. Gill netting is talked about frequently as well.

  20. All RIver Guide Vigilante justice, MURDER, KILL , RAPE!!!

    What's this "we" shit?
    Murder? Kill? Rape?

    Dude, grow up!

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