Texas\Florida Bass and Minnesota Muskie

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  1. Since I will be spending the summer in the states listed above I want to get into some fish down there. My 6wt seems to be fine for bass around here but as I am checking out guides websites and planning trips I think I might be a little beyond my poor 6wts capabilities.

    I will probably get a guide once or twice a month and use his gear but in between I would like to get some casting in by myself(living out of a hotel is pretty boring) and want to make sure I have a rod that can handle it.

    I used the search function and have checked various websites and they all have conflicting data, some say 5-8wt, some 6-10 blah blah blah.

    Do any of you guys have any experience fishing these waters and what type of gear is needed?

    I have been eying the sage bass rods and the reddington predator rods if I need to go heavier.

    Edit: My current rod is an Orvis TLS Power Matrix 6wt
  2. I fished extensively for bass when I lived in San Antonio. Most of my fishing was in the Texas Hill Country. A five weight worked just fine. When I fished the flats on the Texas coast I bumped up to an 8 weight that's all you need for redfish and seatrout.
  3. Of two that you mentioned I go with Sage Bass series. I had both LMB and Predator series and I had the predator break twice on me but the sage LMB is great rod much better than an overpriced Winston. If you are on a budget then give Echo Ion and Ross Flystik a look over. I got the Ross rod and is my back up for muskie, it cast very well for the money, but I really like Echo's. I use the same rods for muskie and bass cause my flies are quite big especially targeting bigger bass.
  4. How was the LMB with presenting a smaller fly? I only have room to take one rod when i travel
  5. This will be my first season of fishing musky on the fly, after fishing it with baitcasting rigs for the last 15. There are a couple great discussions on Upper Midwest fly fishing forum, under the "Warm water species" subject about musky setup and gear from a lot of people who do a lot of fly fishing for muskies.

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