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  1. Have I lost it--I thought I read somewhere that TFO was getting ready to come out with a line of Deer Creek switch rods. Any factual basis for this notion or was I just having an old man's dream?

  2. Yep, they are coming. I had the chance to cast what I believe is the first finished rod in the series two weeks ago. It was a most excellent rod and worth the wait.

    The wait: Hopefully Meiz or Kinney will chime in, but I'd guess it will be Fall before you see them in retail shops.
  3. I have not casted these Deer Creek rods but they are the best looking (cosemetics/color/wraps) that TFO has put out on the market compared to their other rods (IMHO)

    Switch rods in the Deer Creek mode :thumb:
  4. I spoke with Bob a few days go, and they do have a new switch series headed into production. I'm pretty interested...
  5. Had the pleasure of casting two different 'proto's' a few weekends back. Can't say a 'bad thing' about either ...... Save for Bob dropped and broke one!:rofl:
  6. Thanks for the "inside" info. Patience isn't one of my strongest virtures, but think I'll persist and see what these new rods offer. I have the 13' 7/8 Deer Creek and it's a honey.

  7. Hopefully Bob or Mike will answer with more detail, but I suspect these rods will be in production way before fall.

    Jay Horton
    Advisory Staff TFO
  8. The one I have in my hand is a Lefty Kreh Professional Series, 11' 5wt. with removable rear handle.
    This rod feels too heavy for one handed casting but if you are "strong like bull" you'll have no trouble.

    Lawn casting results:
    It one or two hand overheads a WF5 and will throw/shoot the whole line if need be. Where the rod really comes into it's own though is when spey casting a DT8.

    My interest in a switch rod is for trout fishing and using an 8wt line is not going to cut it for the quest for a "true" 4wt switch rod continues.
  9. Guys,

    The Deer Creek Axiom Switch Rod blanks are presently in production.

    All 4 pc

    11'0"-5 <> 250-450
    11'0"-6 <> 300-500
    11'0"-7 <> 350-550
    11'0"-8 <> 400-600
    11'0"-9 <> 450-700

    11'0"-9 (as an example)

    Finished rod weight +- 7 oz

    All game fish from 10 to 25 pounds +

    Some recommended lines

    Short belly shooting head-Skagit <> With tips to 150 Grains:

    Airflo Compact Skagit 570
    Rio 550

    Short belly shooting head-Scandi <> With Poly Leaders:

    Rio AFS 8/9
    Vision Ace/Guideline 35'/40' cut from 600 grains

    Short belly Spey with tips:

    Airflo Delta 8/9

    We'll have the series available as my shop built rods to evaluate at the Sandy Clave, and my quess is that TFO will have them available in shops by mid-Summer.

  10. whats the quality of these rods?
  11. MONEY!!!!!
  12. They're an excellent rod. I'm personally not that attracted to the finish work, but in terms of casting they are outstanding.

  13. I picked one up a couple months ago- 8wt. Got it lined up with an Airflo compact Skagit and a Guideline Scandi system, and while I am still a hack, I do like my limited experience with the rod. Casts real nicely, but I have nothing to compare it to, so my input is largely useless.;) Seems like a lot of bang for the buck

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  14. I have the 7 wt and put it to some use in Oregon over spring break. Absolute charm to cast and I was very pleased to begin with. My buddy has the 6 wt and we have even tested them on tailing carp!

  15. what lines did you use?
  16. I had the chance to cast a 4wt and a 6wt Deer Creek switch. We were casting them with airflo's 40+ in two wts above the rod (casted 6wt line with 4wt and 8wt line with 6wt) and they both casted amazing! Pretty sure a 420gr. compact skagit woulda been big money on the 6wt, but i forgot mine at home so i didn't get to try it!
  17. Tried the 9wt outbound on the 7wt. The Rio chart calls for a 10wt on this rod but it cast the 9wt pretty damn well...

    Wondering if others think this is too much or dead on?
  18. I have the 6wt. So far, Bob recs for the rod have been right on. The 420 skagit w ~10' if t-8 or 11 BOMBS. I've fished a 400gr AFS on it. That's was a rocket launcher too. Now I'd like to try a 390 compact scandi on it.
  19. I liked every switch rod I've ever met.

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