TFO Spey rods - anyone try or own them?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Denny, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I went to the TFO demo days event at Fishy Business in Olympia yesterday and Dick had a prototype that was really cool, it was two bottom sections for a TiCRx 8wt 9' top three sections. In other words you take the two bottom sections and ad the top three sections from your (or in this case my) TiCRx 9' 8 wt and you have a 5 piece 13' 8" spey rod that has a traditional action. I picked up one of his reels that had an 8 wt airflo delta spey line on it and had a great time. I will definately be giving this an on the water try at Sandy. This combo outcast anything I had tried from TFO and I have liked their rods very much in the past
  2. voyagertwelve, I think that when you add the two bottom sections you actually end up with a 5-piece rod that is 11'3". I would try it with some lighter spey lines as well, make it a bit less, " Traditional."

    Anyways, glad you got to try it.

    By the way, the same two bottom section will also work with the TiCrX 7-weight, and either combo is pretty nice for overhead casting as well. I used the 7-weight excusively on a steelhead trip this winter and really enjoyed it. It is an awesome nymphing rig.

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