TFO Spey Rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Joe M., Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Has anyone tried out the TFO spey rods? I have heard good things about their other rods, but nothing about the spey rods. The price seems almost too good; it makes me wonder about the performance.
  2. I've had the same question. Folks who have them seem to like them well enough, but no particulars on the rods. I've given serious thought to the TFO 6 wgt or the CND 6 wgt. I'm at the point that the artritis in my hands won't let me fish all day casting a single handed rod over a 5wgt.

    Recently my wife bought me a Redington 8/9 spey rod ($250), that I can cast all day (or at least attempt to cast). Much easier on the hands.

    I would get another Redington, but they don't make a 6 wgt.

  3. i have a cnd solstice in 6/7/8 its a sweet rod. you may want to try the cnd expert in 6/7. i think it runs about 295.00. if you can make it to river run anglers in carnation on saturday im sure aaron may have one you can try out.
  4. I purchased the Professional Series 8 weight. This is the 12.5 foot version. I have had some success with it. It is my first spey rod and I have been impressed with the action on it. I fished with Steve Buckner of Northwest Fly Fishing and he agreed that it was a great price for the rod. I have not had any complaints other than the fact that I have caught only one steelhead with it. Lots of trout however. Good luck with the shopping. :thumb:
  5. I haven't had a chance to use them either. I'll be in the market to buy a few new speys once I'm back to work. Need to replace all the ones I sold off. Had to meet a friend at Sportco and found out they have TFO rods there. Checked out the Lami and TFO speys. Both seemed pretty nice. But what you see and what you cast are two different things. Key for you is to find somewhere that you can cast them. Only way you'll find out if you like a rod is if YOU actually try it.

    I know at the speyclave on the Sky, Simon Gawesworth said that there truly isn't a bad speyrod built today (and I think he means as in very recent times, within the last year). He grabbed a lower end Reddington and was easily throwing the line. So, the key is KNOWING how to cast, or knowing your style of casting. Then you'll be able to work with the rod (of course Simon knows his casting, so is a bit ahead of the game when it comes to just casting a rod).
  6. hey guys, I'm quite familiar with TFO's rods, including the spey rods. I own the 12'6" 8wt. It is a sweet rod! It took me a day or two to dial into it, but that just becuase I was used to casting my 7w sage (a super slow action rod). The TFO is now the rod I reach for first.....I really enjoy how lightweight it is. Check it out. I think you'll be surprized how much you'll like it. I've also casted the 6wt TFO. Same story there...super light and snappy!

    NOTE: I've cast the 8wt with a few different lines...Wind cutter 7/8/9...not to bad. Mid Spey 8/ favorite. And Airflo's Delta spey..very limp, but launchable.

    I hope this helps.

  7. Damien,

    Thanks for the input. Still narrowing the choices. If the Tolt and Sno are down from flood stage by Saturday I'm heading up to the Spey Clave. Maybe there will be a couple rods there I can cast. I'm also leaning toward the CND 6 egt, but the TFO is getting rave reviews from folks who own them.

  8. Have you checked out the Redingtons?

    The new Redington rods are sweet casting sticks, for sure. and the price is right. Worth a look at least.

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