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    As the title says, thank you PNW for a great one year back. I have retired from the Coast Guard after 23 years of faithful service, actually with one break in service. In Feb 2000 I got out to pursue a law enforcement job which only last 8 months. I was recall for 911 and did 4 years as Title 10 reserve (active duty) then couldn't let go of 14 years total of active duty service. I integrated back into active duty to finish off an awesome 23 years.

    I will be moving to Chesterton Indiana on the 27th of this month. We lived there while I was stationed at Calumet Harbor in Chicago and fell in love with the town, people, schools and the life.

    I want to thank WFFF for allowing me to meet so many new people during this year. The people I have met I have no words for. Met so many just to fish a little, give some instruction on casting and build friendships. I have learned something from everyone I have met, so of the times were short, but it meant something. I enjoyed my times on the Puyallup while fishing pinks. Meeting Formerguide (Dan) was so much fun that day. My encounter with an elderly gentleman who would watch me from afar, finally got to met him, sit down and talk and then find he past. Those times sitting with him, talking about his life, his son that past and showing him fly fishing was the best. Then I found out he had pasted. Meeting a few of his friends later when they came to the river where he would sit and watch the fisherman, especially a young man who would take the time and talk with him, when other wouldn't give him the time of day.

    Golfman44, glad we spent the day on the river! Was great watching you cast and get better and better each cast. Would love to see you now! Tight loops buddy.

    Dp and ZenLeech, was great meeting you at RF! Wish I could have won the rod combo, but I think it went to a better person who could really use it! I will be back to fish the Ford and will let you know.

    I could go on forever talking about the great fisherman who I had met in one year from this site. You all have impacted me in some way and taught me a lot about fishing and myself.

    Most of all I have to thank my brother John. I got to fish with him more than ever, many shots of fireball and many more memories we got. We didn't catch fish each trip but it was a blast! I know it maybe sappy, but my brother is the best. Will do anything for anyone, has an exceptional knowledge of fly fishing and his love for fiberglass is beyond all words. I am blessed with the best brother anyone could have. I will be back!!

    My fishing will be Lake Michigan, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and whatever else I can get to! So beware Midwest, BRAVEHEART is coming back. Jobs are lines up for interviews, we have a house, my wife is getting her old job back at the bank, my daughter is happy to be with her old friends again. What else can I ask, happy wife and daughter, makes me a happy man.

    So, I thank the PNW for having me back for a bit, but it is time to move along. I will keep posting my sappy stuff but from afar of my birth place. I will miss Washington, but I know it is only a trip away, so I will be back.

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    Thank you for your service, sir.
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    I think it it my brother is the best, he will never tell you or anyone else. But he is a better fly caster or fishermen then I will be or most I know. He is the one that has given for his country and anyone he can help. I am the one that can said enough about my brother. I will miss him more than I can say. But I also know it will be so much better when he comes back home hear to visit, or I go back there to see him. All I can say it thanks for being the best brother you could to me!
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    Post fish pics from Indiana. What do you guys mostly fish for over there?
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    Best to ya!
  6. William Wallace

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    Well tons of smallmouth and panfish in the ponds and lake Michigan. Salmon and Lake Michigan going trout (or for people who want to call them steelhead) brown trout, brook trout and what ever else I am missing.

    At my old unit which was right on the Indiana/Illinois border, we caught so many Coho in our station pit (mooring area) that I could not count. My crew would be throwing spinners and me tossing flies during lunch or we get there two hours before we had to muster, just to catch some fun before going to work and pulling people out of the water!

    Some good fishing in areas around Lake Michigan. Even would hit the beaches and fly fish for salmon while my wife and daughter would go swimming. So many beaches and never saw anyone fish off them, such a good fishery off the beaches and no one around.

    My crew always knew when I was underway on our boat cause I always had one of our radars wet up with camera of the engine room/radar and the sonar (fish finder) on. I always would forget to turn the system to just engine room before I would secure for the day.

    Guess the only thing I will be missing is the searun cutts! But I will have beaches for everything else

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    Good luck to you William. Thank you for your service to our country and I look forward to your reports on your new fishing career. God Speed.
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    Can't thank you enough for the casting help, it was great meeting you and your brother. Anytime you're back in town I'll gladly row you down the sky/yak

    Travel safe man
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    I will take you up on that offer!

    I know me and my brother had a great time on the river with you. Wish I could have gotten out more, but that time will come when I get back for trips. Still have your number if it hasn't changed, plus will hit you up on the site.

    Have a great summer season and post some pics!

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    Thanks for your service, William! Did you ever give your brother that 9 weight I sold you last year? I'd love to hear if he was successful with the Indiana steelhead with it.
  11. William Wallace

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    Well, final cleaning of house and check out tomorrow. On the road to Indiana!

    Again want to thank all of you who I met in this past year. I will be back, always plan trips with my Big brother John Wallace. So keep eyes posted for future trip. The next maybe around Jan or Feb, new job not a lot of time off, but we will see.

    weiliwen, I will be coming back with the Fenwick to Indiana. Going to have fun with it there and maybe if he wants it back I might be nice and mail it to him. I just need to get some fish funk on it for him!

    I am happy to go but also sad to leave. Washington is my home, but so was Chesterton Indiana and that will be home for awhile. My wife is happy, daughter happy so I am I.

    My posts will be full of scrappy panfish, smallmouth, carp, salmon and those things that some people call steelhead, but are really trout! So Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and what ever I can get time to fish, watch out, BRAVEHEART is coming!

    And oh ya, fill my freezer with whitetail! I hear my tummy growling already.

    Peace out and I will sign off till I hit Indiana on the 1st of July.

    You all take care, be safe and remember happiness is a bent rod no matter what a woman says.

    William BRAVEHEART Wallace
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