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  1. Since I moved to NE Washington from SW Washington in 2001 most summer evenings have been similar. Occasionally I would drive up to a local lake and dry fly fish the evening hatch but more often I would tune in a Mariners game after my daily chores. Then kick back in my La-z-boy with a beer and some chips and watch the game. But with the M's being on track to lose at least 102 games this year that beer has become bitter and the chips taste like particle board.

    Time to change bad habits and do something more enjoyable. The answer all this time has been the Pend Oreille River just 2 miles down the hill. I have been going there evenings lately and enjoying the embarrassment of riches it contains. I am always on the lookout for big crappie but an outing last week landed me in the middle of a may fly hatch surrounded by hundreds of jumping fish including many trout in the 12''-18'' range. What a gas! I had this huge river all to myself and was surrounded by leaping fish.
    The hatch finally subsided near dark and I rowed my pram back to where the crappie should be. Just as it was getting too dark to fish I landed an 11' and 14'' crappie. Now I am dialed in on both the trout and the crappie.

    Yesterday I had the brilliant idea that I could go down river below the dam and float the soft side of the river in my Super Fat Cat. I parked at a pullout and hiked upstream with my tube for about 1/2 mile. There were a series of little bays off the main current with obvious seams and great holding water for smallmouths. I put in there and kicked out about 40 feet from the bank to start fishing. Response was instantaneous with a smallie on the first cast. Current regs allow 10 smallies with just 1 over 14''. I met that quota in the first 30 minutes but just kept 5 in the 11' range and one over 16'' to impress my wife with. I caught several over 16' altogether and just had a splendid time- again with the river all to myself. I have been saying all along that the crappies die of old age in this river and of course the smallmouth do also.

    It is the second largest river in Washington and the section I was fishing was over 100 yards wide with significant current in the center. So much water, so many fish and so few fishermen. And even fewer fly fisherfolk as the sheer size of the water can be intimidating. It has something for everybody it seems with 4 species of trout that I know of, large and smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, perch, whitefish, squawfish, carp, suckers and now Northern Pike. In fact, a little kid in a local park caught a 10# pike last week on one of those little plastic Disney rod/reel combos that sell for about $9.95 in a variety store!

    With gas locally above $3.30 the river is my new destination of choice. A ten minute drive or less puts me over fish that have never seen a fly and beats the hell out of watching the M's self destruct yet again.

  2. Hey Ive,

    100% agreed, the M's have become totally've got the right idea getting a line in the water instead. I've got to get up there and fish the PO River. It reminds me of one of my local favorites...the Spokane River arm of Lake Roosevelt. It's deserted 95% off the time (weekends too) and I have yet to see one other fly fisherman. And, it's a complete grab bag of big fish...carp (20+ lbers common), smallies, largemouth, triploid bow's, walleye, and the occasional big crappie (see pic).

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  3. Ive, think of all the $$ you've saved on beer and chips, not to mention the lifetime extention of your Lazy Boy recliner now that you are on the water and not in the chair. Thanks for the great read and showing us all a bit of silver lining.
  4. I think it would be better if all us M's fans just pretended it was 1988 again. 1995 hadn't happened yet and we were still 3 years away from even having a .500 season.
  5. That's one hell of a slab. Very nice!
  6. Ive, good choice on the use of your time. A couple years ago, I was easily listening to 3/4's of the Mariner's games on the radio (Beer and chips too). I think I've listened to just one so far this year but I'm heading to Safeco Field tomorrow night and I'm fully ready to be totally disgusted. Wish me luck.
  7. Dave, My condolences in advance! Two suggestions: Either drink so much beer that you don't know or care what is happening or take along a package of Tums and eat the whole thing. These guys will make you sick to your stomach.

    Who knows though-this might be the game in which they actually score a run.

    You gotta feel sorry for that Smoak kid that they traded Cliff Lee for. He goes from a winning team with a chance to be in the playoffs to one of the worst teams in baseball and then back to the minor leagues all in the space of about a month. What a career path!

  8. The Mariners are the only game I get. Unless you can catch the NY teams on ESPN. I get tired of the NY teams also.
  9. Surprise, Surprise....a great game tonight and a 3-2 win ending a 7 game slide! No Rolaids needed for once. :thumb:

  10. I am a baseball fan and the Mariners are my team so as a baseball fan I watch or listen to almost every game.

    Sorry to see Wok go. I guess Jack needs to cover his ass for offering up such a crappy team so someone had to go and the manager always seems to get the ax.

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