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  1. Last week WDFW closed 4 lakes in SW Washington to plant 1 to 1 1/2 pound trout for black friday fishing.
    Kress was one of them, they stocked it with some 2000 of these fish so we hit it on sat. my friend and I (he has only fly fished for a year) had a great time catching and releasing tons of fish (we figure close to 100) these fish will all be killed soon but this week should still be fun. we tried a few patterns under indi's before I JUST HAD TO PUT A BLOODY MARY ON! well no need to try any others. doubles were the norm with people finally circling the drifter thinking where we were fishing was the best spot on the lake. A couple older guys with a seahawks painted drifter - fly fishing - came close by and started asking "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU USING" so I called them over and showed them and gave them a couple flies and off they went to catch a few. the fish were not biting hard (just a wiggle) and our smaller indi's really helped us see these nose bites. people came to the bank straight across from us and never caught anything on bait. many others would troll by with nary a bite! I think we turned a bunched of baiters into fly fisherman with our constant rod bending and laughing . heres a few picks and my friend got his first brown! not bad fish for just stocked!!!

    kress 002.jpg

    Here is what a GPX head looks like after you untangle it from your electric motor prop
    kress 003.jpg

    My friend didn't know what kind of fish this was and was quite happy to get his first brown - stocked or not!
    kress 008.jpg

    The marbled back of some of these fish
    kress 009.jpg

    And spotted cheeks
    kress 010.jpg
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  2. Looks like great fun, kind of like what Anthony was like after ODFW dumped in the 'jumbos"!
  3. Am I the only one that is surprised that they stocked browns?
  4. If anyone is just interested in size, they also just put in 100 or so 5 and 10 lb brood stock in Mattoon Lake in Ellensburg. They are big, but the fight just isn't in them. But if your just looking for a tow around the lake in some nice weather right now it's ok. This lake is open year round and gets some good fishing pressure with bait casters around the edges but not too many people out on the water.

    Greg Smith
  5. Olalla Lake on the Oregon coast is a put and take affair... we've had some great days over there catching hatchery fish (there's no wild rainbow in the lake) with flies while the spin guys can't buy a fish with their Power Bait. I'm not sure what the deal is.

    Oh, in addition to the planted rainbow, the ODF&W also dumps in excess adult steelhead from hatcheries when they have enough eggs and don't need any more adults. Soooooo.... it is very possible (and I speak from experience) to not only catch a ton of planted rainbow but also adult steelhead. Thing is, you are normally geared for trout and don't expect a 10 pound steelhead to take your trout pattern. It's an interesting fight in a pontoon boat...

    Some folks have a problem with hatchery trout but if they dump them in a lake with no wild trout, I figure I might as well catch them for fun... we pay for them.
  6. I'm tying bloody marys for the winter lake swap so I'm glad they're currently productive.
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  7. Fio Rito got about the same number of brooders.
  8. GAT they will also do the same at Kress a little later in the winter. the lake can't be but 10 acres. better then a stick in the eye I tellya!
  9. Bonefish - once a year they will put browns in this little freeway lake. also they will put some brooders that go to 8 pounds and excess steel from the Kalama hatchery. great for kids and winter cabin fever! WDFW has stated they are trying to promote more winter fishing for trout in the area and stock all winter long but it's a "watch the stocking schedule" thing, but for just a little gas it's a good way to to fight cabin fever in the winter.
  10. I know that they put brooders in many lakes. Just not sure why it matters. I would much prefer to catch a spring plant - later in the year, with some character, than scarred brooders. Not really into following the "plant route". Just me, not trying to start anything. There are plenty of places to fish that don't require following the pump trucks.

  11. Yeah I usually post reports on coldwater and merrill in the winter but people get all butt hurt over it! whatever! I will keep my other fisheries to myself for this exact reason - posts like yours, of course I would rather not chase the "stocking truck around" notice the "kids" n "cabin fever" words! not trying to start anything? then why the fuck post that?
  12. Mark: Hi there. I agree with you about Coldwater Lake. The more fishermen the better as far as I'm concerned. I would love to see a whole bunch of the smaller fish taken out of there, or the size limit reduced to10 inches and the limit increased to 5 or more for a couple years at least so those left would have more feed to grow bigger like they used to be. Just my 2 cents. I know there are some who are satisfied with catching those smaller fish now that they are the norm, but I happen to think differently. I remember the days of catching alot of bigger fish in there, but now it's the exception. Maybe whoever is managing the lake will come to realize that it is not the lake it used to be or the water it could be again if managed correctly.
  13. Mark Great report! I'm going to have to get the kids up there this weekend. By the way, my bottom never hurt:D
  14. Yeah I was going to just call you because I thought you might like to get yours kids out for some easy fun fishing. Was hoping you would read the thread!

    I haven't forgot about taking my drifter and catering to you like you so kindly did for me ;-) when you have a day you can fish and things (wind) look good give a shout! I'm always ready!

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