The $16.20 Fish

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Gregg Lundgren, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. When you head to Lone Lake from the mainland you need one of these in trade for the cost of ferry crossings...

    I got my fish.:) But things weren't looking up in the beginning.

    I didn't get an early start, my arrival around 11:00. It was blowing pretty good and a couple of boats were taking-out, guys grousing that there was less wind during the early morning. I was thinking that it was good I brought a real anchor, and not just the kayak anchor I usually take along. Well, trying to make lemonade from lemons, I anchored with my back to the wind, and readied myself for some serious long term chironomid chop.

    First take, indicator down... Oh no! What's this? A 9 1/2" rainbow? Followed by another, and yet another. This is not good, I think you get the idea. The spring plant has become reality. Well, at least I am putting my new chironomid leader set-up to the test... sort of.

    Better move. Hmmm, more of the same. Other fishermen turn tail... pesky little planters, wind is worse, and the fishing has slowed. Finally, in the late afternoon the wind subsides a bit. Time to make a big time move. Troll on down to the other end of the lake. Oops! Another little bugger. Damn.

    The change-up... Added a trailing fly to that rig. Bingo! Eighteen inch class fish, fought pretty good, slightly dark. Bam!... Another big boy. Cool. Then it was a mixture of sizes, but nothing to write home about. Now I am fishing alone. No one else on the lake. Sweet!

    Then it happened... It was over by the point, headed back in towards the launch. The sun was setting, it was calm now, the red winged blackbirds were singing from atop the reeds. The $16.20 fish hit and hit hard! There was an immediate long distance jump, followed by another. These were not simply jumps, they were one foot tail clearing jumps, more high than broad. Norman Rockwell painting jumps.

    Then it made a strong run, and as the rainbow is being worked closer, yet another jump straight out of the water. As the fish lands, it sounds like a five pound stone is being thrown into the water. This trout likes verticals! A couple more hard runs, and a few head shaking battles at the boat, and it was in the net. A chrome bright 19" football of a rainbow. A $16.20 fish, no doubt!
  2. wow what a great day . while I didnt catch all that many fish I did catch two one 15 and one also 19 .It must have been our lucky day for that number. I fished scott lake in thurston co. A private lake sorry!My fly of choice is my purple crystal bugger. trolled on an intermediate sinking line.the fly in the picture is missing the tail as this is the 3rd fish over 16 in, on this fly .

  3. Purple. Now there's an idea. It seems like the lakes don't see all that much purple. Maroon yes, but not much purple in my experience. It does kind of make sense with steelhead going 'all in' for purple after being upriver for some time acting all 'trouty'.
  4. Great report Gregg, glad that Lone put out some fish for you.

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