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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Rick Phelps, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. I think I have decided on the Dyna King Barracuda vise, I am wondering if the Indexer option is something I would need or if you can think of other attachments that would help now as well as later on. I am new to fly tying so I am open and hopefull for suggestions on this. If anyone is willing to give other helpfull information in my set up I would be gratefull. Thanks Rick
  2. I have been tying on a Barracuda since the second year they were available. Mine is not an indexer therefore but I have used one with the index option. I prefer the original without the indexing option because by setting the rotational tension thumbscrew I can have mine stay positioned wherever I set it if I choose and not be tyed to set index points or have to overcome an index point to move beyond it. This is not a great problem just my preference. No matter which Barracuda you choose you will not be disappointed.

    I would recommend you get both the standard and midge jaws if you tie small trout flies as well as PNW sized trout flies:thumb: The midge jaws give a bit more working room around the hook bend and because they are smooth on the interior faces it is easier to position tiny and small hooks exactly where you want them in the jaws. However, over about a size 14 hook the midge jaws are out of their element. The standard jaws will hold any hook from a Mustad 32 to a 10/0 but they are a bit bigger in size and with the interior jaw faces having a surface texture a bit more touchy about hook placement of small fine wire hooks. The other options I use and would not be without is the waste bag made for the vise and the wheel and handle instead of the handle only on the rear of the vise shaft for moving the jaws around. The wheel lets you rotate the fly by simply palming the wheel, no grasping necessary.:cool:

  3. I've been using a Barracuda since the first year they were available and I don't have the indexer either. Like Halcyon, I would forego the indexer too because I can stop the vise at any position in rotation and keep it there by simply adjusting the rotary tensioner. Most of the time I don't use the bobbin rest and just keep the thread a little ahead of the body material, but it is useful on some flies with chenile bodies; but since this comes with the vise, you don't pay extra for it.

    I also second buying the midge jaws and the waste bag for exactly the reasons Halcyon gave.

    The Barracudas are great vises, whether you choose the standard model, the Jr. or the new Trekker. It will last you a lifetime and you will be very happy with it.
  4. Thanks you guys, I will take your advise, I just needed to hear someone with experiance tell me !!!

  5. I went to the Dyna King web site, I did not find the wheel you suggested, is this an option you found some place else? Thanks Rick
  6. It is the wheel/handle assembly they use on the original Dyna-King in-line rotary vise the Side Winder, then on the Tube-Fly 2002 vise and lastly on the Barracuda Ron Abby Signature model. If you have your shop call Ron and tell him you want his Barracuda Ron Abby Signature model I am sure he will be glad to ship you one. I purchased mine separately before the RA Signature model was available so I paid extra, but I believe you should get it for the same price as any other full Barracuda model if you initially order it that way. In fact, my original request may have been part of the reason the signature model was offered.

  7. Found it thanks, I emailed him!

  8. Thanks again for your helpfull insight, I put my order in for the Ron Abby Signature Vice with the midge jaws and trim basket with Michael at Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek. This might be over-kill for a new tyer but I hate having to buy things over and over again. Have a great holiday and again thanks. Rick
  9. I also tie on a Barracuda. I love it. It was my first vise as well. I decided to buy one vise in my life and be done with it. Well, the Barracuda is that vise. I have the trim basket and the bobbin rest, both of which I use often. I don't have the indexer, but I bought it five or six years ago, so I'm not sure it was even available then. But I agree, I do just fine with the standard tensioner to position the jaw's angle.

    A great vise that you'll love I'm sure.

  10. So, did the vise ever arrive? And your impressions are?

  11. I did get the vise and I love it. It is set up just as you suggested. I am trying to get into a fly tying class before I learn to many bad habbits. Lots to learn with this set up. Thanks Rick:p

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