The best little dry fly that i have ever fished

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  1. I don't know about you but the Renegade has got to be the best old school little dry fly out there. I don't have a dry fly that catches more fish that i can fish year round. Its easy and fast to tie. Staying in the range of size 14-8 if and when I am dry fly fishing i with use this at some point in the mid day. normally i throw streamers but i always with dry a dry. i even have some with a gold bead on them because even sunk this fly works like a charm. in my box i have a total of 3 dozen of this one fly. this is a fly that i recomend for every fly fisherman's box.

    Renegade.JPG View attachment 18587
    Renegade elk hair.JPG
  2. Great! You let the cat out of the bag!
  3. hahahahaha oh come on everyone need to know this little fly. its 80+ years old and a basic for all tiers.
  4. I like the one with the wing. I have trouble seeing basic renegades so even a little white antron would help.
  5. well normally what i will do is use it as my second fly if i go to size 14-12 and use solid white hackle for the head. i do a heavy amount of hackle for my dry ones. but most of the rivers i fish are small. and im only casting about 30ft. but the one with the wing i have used when caddis are out and it works as a great back up for a dark elk hair caddis.
  6. Renegades and "sparsely" tied soft hackles...OH BABY!:D
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  7. try a renegade with a bead head you might like that as well.
  8. That is Brown, peacock and Grizz right?
  9. a tag of gold tinsel, brown, peacock and white is a renegade. grizzly would make it a variant
  10. yes that is all it is.
  11. thats why there are two pictures. one with grizz one with white. most of the ones i tie have white.
  12. Kind of looks like the old standby the bi-visible which I tied and fished (wet and dry) 50 years ago.
  13. yup
  14. I have never tied or fished that popular fly trudes are the closest to that I suppose.
  15. I always start with some Renegade variant on the mountain lakes I fish. Such a successful and under-regarded fly. Many a day I've started with it, changing to other patterns just to see what else will work....and found that out-performs everything else. It is even (as the OP mentions) a very effective wet-fly.....fished at a variety of depths.

    I'm always amused how offended some fly fishers are when they see me catching fish, ask what I'm using, and find out it's a lowly Renegade. It must hurt their finer sensibilities!
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  16. Good stuff, I'll put this one on the list to teach when I hold one of my fly tying classes down range.
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  17. Good idea, its very simple a a good one to teach.
  18. I was going through my trout flies this morning and came across this one which reminded me of the Renegade. I call it a Tri-visible but am sure it probably has another name. An effective pattern. IMG_0397.JPG
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  19. i would say one of 2 things. a caddipiller imitation or a emerger.
  20. Beachmen,
    I visited a friend at a fly shop yesterday and while looking through a fly suppliers book came across the fly I had been calling a "Tri-visible".
    In fact, it is a "Renegade Double". So, now I know the "official" name of the fly I've been using for many years.
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