The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ban.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Bob Triggs, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Bob Triggs

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    If you want to read some swill from the "Wild Fish Killers of the Olympic Peninsula", look to today's Peninsula Daily News,(, and read Derek Meneken's article regarding the Wild Steelhead Harvest Moratorium, in the Sports section.

    I think that the reporting in that paper, on this and related issues, has been very slanted; away from conservation and toward continued harvest. And If you want to make an intelligent statement to that paper:

    If you want to let Mayor Nedra Reed of Forks, Wa, and the City Council Members of Forks,( all of whom are proposing to challenge the moratorium in a serious and committed way), know how valuable Wild Steelhead are to you, and how important the WDF&W Commission decision,(to impose a two year ban on harvest of Wild Steelhead), is to your fishing and visits in the Forks area; then take a moment to write a thoughtful, respectful and brief note in support of that recent decree. Let Mayor Nedra Reed know how often you fish in the Forks area and how much you spend there. No matter what form of tackle you use, you have a right to be heard.

    Mayor Nedra Reed and the Council Members can be contacted via the Forks website at:

    In addition, Let the Forks Chamber of commerce know what you do in Forks, and what you spend there as well. The Forks Chamber of Commerce can be reached at:

    As usual, whenever someone does not want to recognize the need for conservation or protection of a natural resource, they are screaming about "Jobs and Dollars".

    No one in this modern life really "Needs" to kill Wild Steelhead to make an honest living. If you care at all about this then take the time to let them know what YOUR dollars are worth in the Forks community; tell them where and when you spend your money, and why. And please, do this in a thoughtful and respectful manner. Let's give them something to think about instead of playing the old us-against-them-game. You need to write real letters, not emails. The addresses are on the sites.
  2. Andy

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    I sent my opinion to a few people above. First step towards managing a healthy fish stock for the future and everybody has to fight it.

  3. Rob Blomquist

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  4. Bert Kinghorn

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    Too bad they don't understand that those of us who spend real money out there do it because we want a quality angling experience. If the runs out there get depleted, I can stay home and fish the Seattle-area streams and catch nothing! I've shared my thoughts with them.
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    Bob, that's awesome that you put that together for us. I'm sure many of us agree with the new rule and would like nothing more than to fight for the fish!

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    I sent the following:
    I won't try to argue the logic of this, let's just get to the only real issue that will motivate people: money. Saying that forbiding people to keep steelhead will decrease the amount of people fishing in the region as they won't come if they can't take home the "trophy" only shows how little you understand your customer, the fishing public. Many fishermen of all persuasions fish for the sport of it and realize that by following the "catch-and-release" method they are preserving stock for themselves and their children. Unlike trees, another natural resource the town rightfully points out is depleted beyond fiscal viability (according to Forks Mayor Nedra Reed ), many fishermen are happy to just take a picture of their trophies and let them go. However, since the good mayor brought up the issue, have we learned nothing from logging? Should we harvest yet another resource until it too is gone? Wake up. I for one am much more likely to go over to Forks and fish because I know there are fish there, and I know they are being conservered, not because I can get a trophy for my wall.
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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

    "the peninsula has been one place fishermen could come and catch a wild steelhead and take their trophy home.
    If they can’t have their trophy, they won’t come, he added." Taken from the article you referred to. This kind of attitude won't be easy to change. Thanks for the heads-up on this, time for some E-mails! Fred

    TANGLES Richh

    Thanks for the heads up. I also sent in my C&R comments to the paper. (not the following) What we need to do to save the steelhead is have the school kids name all the fish, like they did with Hercules the lobster, which they saved from the dinner plate and flew 3000 miles back to Maine.
  9. Bob Triggs

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    The addresses are on the websites. I think it takes about four or five minutes to sit down and write a note to these people, fold it into an envelope and mail it with a stamp. That's the best way to let them know you care. And it's the best way to catalog the public comments. If we don't do this they will just run rampant with the thing. Emails don't count for as much as a real note.

    If it meant that you could catch more wild fish someday; wouldnt you want to take the five minutes to make a difference?
  10. Mike Etgen

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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

    New River Mike

    This post makes me wonder if there might be enough support on some issues within this site that there could be a way to draft a common letter and then somehow arrange a way of circulating it for signatures of support prior to submitting to the appropriate recipients.

    I know there's not enough time to work out all the logistics for this particular issue, and I know there may be more drawbacks to benefits, and since we're a "virtual community" as opposed to a true organization with by-laws, etc., it may not be practical. :dunno

    Some questions I can anticipate are:

    1. How do "we" decide what issues to speak up for and how do we know we have consensus?

    2. Who writes, and who reviews, the letters or position statements?

    3. How in the world do you get a document circulated online in a way that is relevant, authentic, and timely?

    4. Would a receiving entity (like a newspaper, WDFW, etc.) take a "group letter" seriously if our group is "non-incorporated" and largely unorganized?

    5. How would dissenting members respond to a "group letter" that does not reflect their individual position, value, or opinion?

    I'm sure there are others.

    What continues to impress me about this site is how our common love for flyfishing and respect for natural resources pulls us through the differences of opinion and values that come up now and again. For all the bumps and bruises, this is still a fairly cohesive group.

    I'd especially like to hear from those who have some relevant experience in this kind of activism, as I have virtually none.

    Bob, Chris, feel free to retitle this and move it to a different location if appropriate for further discussion. Or feel free to advise that there are logistical problems with this kind of group action that make it impossible to consider seriously.
  11. hikepat

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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

    New River Mike while I to am not sure how this would work. I do like the idea itself. One way at times to get a good sized but not a large amount a signatures on something like that would be to have them at some of the group outings.
    It most likely to late to do much about now but it would also have been a great idea to have someone draft a letter to go out to all the local goverments both city and state basically saying we would like to see the protection of clean water, catch and release of wild Steelhead made lasting like the SRC protection and other protection for wild fish. This could have been down at the show this weekend for all of those there both from this board and those not to look over and sign if they like the ideas. A few hundred signatures or more going out to all the State and Local goverments might at least get a few of them to sit up a little and take some notice.
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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

    Ignorance in Forks!? I'm SHOCKED!
  13. Andy

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    OK so I have received a few replies from a few people I sent emails to. For the most part, the tone of their reply was not overly friendly, nothing negative, but simply not the replies that they are looking for.

    I invited them to check out this discussion and sent them a link to it.

    Edit: Actually, I just got a call from the editor of the Peninsula Daily News for verification.... My ramblings might get published somewhere, thats kinda scary.
  14. kpsully

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    Can you print/show us some of those replies?
  15. Andy

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    We don't use unsigned letters, or in this case, letters signed only with a first name.

    -from the editor of the Forks newspaper - I sent him my name, address, phone #, etc...

    I got two other ones I deleted from my inbox already. One said something like "thanks for your opinion, your letter will not be published."

    Like I said, they werent negative, just not positive.

    I didnt get a reply from the mayor of Forks, and whoever I emailed at the Forks City council. Hopefully they will take a look at this forum because I emailed them the link and most of you are much more elegant with your writing than I am.

  16. Greg

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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...


    Please correct me where I am wrong, but since the Commission passed the wild steelhead release rule in their final 2004-2005 sportfishing rules meeting, doesn't that mean that recinding that decision would require the Commission to make an "emergency rule change" much like when closing a specific fishery down? What would be the "emergency" to support harvesting wild steelheead? I find it difficult to believe the Commision would reverse that decision under those circumstances, regardless of what the Forks City Council wants. Sounds like an exercise in futility on their part to me probably more for show than actual effect.

    Next year is a "Minor Rules Change" year; I don't see this issue as minor but don't discount that it could be revisited then. 2006 on the other hand would be the year I expect the true battle to be waged.
  17. Paul Huffman

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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

    Can't find the story on Did they pull it?

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  18. Bob Triggs

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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

    I feel very strongly that the best approach in this matter, and ones closely related to it, is to sit down and write your own very personal, thoughtful and respectful note to those concerned. This type of letter gets the most attention and gets read. 100 names on a piece of paper is just a piece of paper. 100 letters on a desk is a big pile of letters that represent each individual's views. Don't sleep on this one, these people are loaded for bear.
  19. Bob Triggs

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    The City of Forks Fights Wild Steelhead Harvest Ba...

    Greg, there is a link above to which shows a thread to an article in that paper as well. It is a good overview of where the City of Forks is headed with this issue and how they will proceed.
  20. alpinetrout

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    The responses I received were pretty positive. I even got a phone call in one case.