The cost of fishing just went up again

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, May 22, 2013.

  1. Another ten cents just added to the cost of gas in town to bring the total to $4.17. I'm starting to think my new truck might turn out to be a '14 Subaru Forester or a '14 Mazda CX-5........

  2. I can buy a lot of gas for the price of payments for a new vehicle... so I'll stick with my old gas hog pickup.

    The cost of fuel has certainly trimmed down the distance I'll drive to go fishing.

    Even the closest trout fishery costs me 25 bucks to get there and back if I'm on a solo trip. I didn't even think about the round trip price for fuel when I first started flyfishing. I sure do now.
  3. I just noticed a big hit in the wallet just going from Auburn to Ellensburg in my Silverado pulling my DB. It could be worse, I remember paying over 5 bucks to for gas in AK in the summer time. Not cool, but it still does not keep me from what I like to do. Its funny because I am the probably the most frugal person I know, but when it comes to fishing I guess I can justify the expense!
  4. car1.jpg car2.jpg car3.jpg car1.jpg car2.jpg car3.jpg Well Ive, I just bought a what I call my "transitional vehicle" for fishing, a Ford Focus hatchback. I couldn't afford larger payments right now (I have a house to still sell, so when it sells, I'll "upgrade" to an all wheel drive) so this will have to do for a couple years. I have had it for 3 weeks now and am happy with it thus far. I need it for getting around on these 100 mile day fishing roundtrips. I can fit my FishCat float tube in the back, so I'm happy enough. I would have, of course, wanted a Honda CRV or the Mazda CX-5 also, but they were about $10,000 more. I got this for $16,688 minus a $2000 trade in for my Honda Civic 98. So, I got my monthly payments down there to a reasonable level. It's supposed to make 38 miles per gallon on the highway. I drove like an old man at 55 mph and it did do that, however, it's more realistic at 36 mpg. Around town and zipping locally, it is doing the 31 or so. It seems like a solid car and has heated seats and seems comfortable thus far. Who ever thought I would buy a Ford Focus!!! I still have my Dodge 2003 diesel and camper for big trips.
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  5. Two years ago I bought a VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI (diesel). Better gas mileage than a Prius. I'd had bad experiences with every VW I'd ever owned, but this one, so far, is great. Lots of zip (I got it in manual transmission) and the wagon part of it hauls 3 labradors and all my gear. With a Yakima box on the roof (filled with fly fishing stickers) I can haul even more stuff and the "drag" from the storage box hasn't impacted the mileage all that much. The only problem is it's not AWD, but, that's what snow tires are for!

    It's a great car and has paid for itself.

    Ok, not recommended for towing a drift boat, however.

  6. Just this morning saw the damage to a Prius front end from rear ending a Rover at 20mph. No thanks, I'll stick with my gas hog that actually has a suitable front bumper.
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  7. Subaru Outback! Can tow a drift boat, has plenty of ground clearance, can lock the differential, reliable as anything, sips gas in 4-banger config, etc.
  8. Gotta love the memorial day gas hike. Best thing I ever did was move closer to the river.
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  9. Poke them right in the eye and go get yourself a nice one ton, 4x4, Chevy, Dodge or Ford diesel. So very comfortable, tons of room, hauls ass and anything you'd ever care to tow, and, best of all, pisses of every frippin green weenie it passes or pulls out of the ditch ;)

    ... Oh, and DFL... love the color of your car. Actually, I do like the Ford Focus and that hatchback is a pretty nice design.
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  10. I just came back from that shitty state(Washington). After buying gas in Montana I got quite a sticker shock on the price of gas there. The highest I saw was a Shell Station just off the freeway by the George off ramp. 4.45.9 a gallon. Most I paid on this trip was 4.11.9. Here in Montana It was down a bit lower. In Dillon it is about $3.50 a gallon. It is still to damn much to pay gas in order to have fun. But you gotta do what you gotta do to have fun. You spend you money on gas. Hang all the other spending on food.

    I ain't ever, ever coming back to Washington again. All it did was rain. I'll take that back, all it did was rain like somebody was pouring water out of a boot. And this was all over the state.
  11. I bought a 2013 Subaru Outback last fall and have been averaging a respectable 26 mpg with mostly city driving. I look forward to seeing what mpg's I can get on my way to E. WA for some fishing this summer. I really wish Subaru would bring there diesels to the US. I saw them while in Germany and they get over 40 mpg. Of course diesel is more expensive that gas so not sure it would be worth the extra cost.

  12. I found out that buying the mid grade gas will get you a lot farther that just regular gas will. Might cost a few pennies more but you go a lot farther. Just saying.

  13. I thought retired folks only ate around 4PM as Perkins isn't crowded at that time. Also thought they only went fishing when gasoline prices are down.:rolleyes:
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  14. I was really looking at the VW TDI wagon and had even convinced myself it would be fine to haul a drift boat or utility trailer. In doing some research, the one concern i found was wear and tear on the drivetrain. Seemed to up in the air as VW doesn't really rate these for towing. Engine should have plenty of power to get the job done.
  15. Lots of towing done with them in Europe, though some models may have extra cooling radiators for transmissions, etc. I'm sure with a few minutes of googling you could find some European vw forums to ask the questions.
  16. My experience with VW is that their recommendations are with an overabundance of caution. Like Rob said, look at the forums and then make a decision. I haul a lot of weight in mine (three full sized labs, gear, fully stocked cooler, etc.) and it runs well. I can't but think it could tow....

    Got new tires on it several weeks ago and the mileage is fantastic!

  17. My rig blows. When I do get to fish it gets me and all my crap there. I can't afford something more economical, so I will continue to pay at the pump.
  18. Hell Ed, You rich aren't you.
  19. Jeez...spend a bit of time driving in Canada, where it's often a long way from point A to Point B and you'll quit spazzing out about gas prices here. God help you if you ever had to buy gas in Europe...Old Man, and quite a few others, would stroke out over it.
  20. The hikes started last weekend. I paid 3.79 when I left town pulling the TT to my 6 day Deschutes trip with my son and father, gas was around 3.89 in warm springs and madras, when I left tues, same stations..... 4.09

    I had such a good trip, the price was a moot point. When I filled up to head back over the mountain, I chuckled that I paid about the same for a single fly online that I couldn't find in any of the local shops (a deadly pattern mind you) as I did for a gallon of gas. So i started thinking, do I conserve gas and stay local, or conserve flies and not go for the hard casts.......

    I hope to have a trip report up with pics in a day or two.

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